A mind blowing idea

How about we leave the game as it is for people who somehow like it and add one little option

No modifiers but loot is twice as little per every mayhem as it is with modifiers.

FFS i don even care about loot piles. just give me an option to enjoy game at hardest scale.


I don’t think the current system is at all sustainable because its too imbalanced.

This was my suggestion awhile back when M2.0 first released: Mayhem 2.0: HP and Gun Scaling Should Not Exist -- Greater Focus on Modifiers

I think some major changes will need to occur both to Mayhem mode AND the relationship between Anoints, RNG, and weapons (which I mention at the bottom of the main post in that link).

EDIT: posted wrong link originally

I mostly agree: I think that it would be nice to have the option to play on the hardest difficulty without the modifiers (a pseudo OP8, if you will), but that doesn’t mean that I want the current system to go!

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Well they apparently did not learn the lesson form Takedown scaling, always give maximum choice when it comes to difficulty parameters.

Actually, I’ve been saying this for roughly a month on this forum.
To me, modifiers are not about difficulty. They only give a different gameplay experience that may fit in certain situations but it’s totally game-breaking in others, like when I want to play a new DLC or to test a new weapon.

Mayhem 10 without modifiers is not Mayhem 8. It’s Mayhem 0 with health/shield/armor boosts.

As far as i am concerned that is ■■■■■■ great