A moment of silence for my Bessie

The thieves took nothing except my Bessie… my pride and joy… my love. Gearbox, please return her to me. She was legitimate and she was dear to me.

Proof of the shenanigans we got up to and the good times we had:


All my Bessies are gone as well what the hell Gearbox??


It also removed most of my Pearls that were in the bank, bringing them into the character’s backpack and re-importing the save brought them across. No Bessie has managed to make the trip, however. I won’t put much time into a save while this persists because no amount of progress is worth losing that Bessie


Looks like it’s time to file the bug reports:



The quicker the better !!!

Oh thank god I’m not the only one this happened to. I imported my saves and I noticed all my weapons are there, even the draco which is legendary now by the way (thanks gearbox), but WHERE IS MY BESSIE ? I’ve been messing with willow tree, gear calc, and the import button for like 2 hours now, and nothing. Glad to know its a bug, will report.

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What’s weird is the ‘Crux’ hasn’t been renamed to “Plague”.


Even ones that have freshly dropped? Some imported items aren’t getting changes, but most fresh pieces are fixed.

Yup my Bessie didn’t make the trip either.

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My bessie survived the trip, but only when I had it and nothing else equipped. Could be worth a shot if you want to try re-importing.

nombre you’re a genius if it works, thanks for the suggestion

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No, doesn’t work, but in the process of trying I found my Avengers (both of them) are vanishing as well. They were in the bank before so I didn’t notice.


Shame, my avenger vanished as well.
Going to file a bug report and hope it gets seen.

Two Avengers of mine didn’t survive either

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@nombre Preeeeeeeetty sure it’ll be seen, Bessies (and Pearls in general) are some of the most revered guns in the game, it’s not great if they inhibit progress on old saves by effectively prohibiting their transfer.

@vitorriguette Best to just file a bug report and hope they get it straightened out :slight_smile:

@billthebetta Can confirm it drops as the ‘Crux’ and is not just an in-backpack glitch.

As a side note, the new guns seem to have a VERY (massively excessive) high droprate from Craw and appear to have fixed parts (and also drop as level 69?!). The Silent Night, however, seems to be a little bugged and does not regenerate Sniper ammo from Mordy’s CoM.

Instant edit: It does, however, get buffed by Mordy’s ‘Loaded’ so somewhere in there it responds as if it were a Sniper.


Hopefully this gets seen and fixed soon… I’m not bringing my main Roland or my pearl storage Roland across unless there’s no chance of me losing my hard-earned pearls. One of those bessies is my first ever pearlescent weapon

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Welp, I lost both of mine. Mordecai won’t be transfered until this is fixed.

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Lost my Avengers too, just not as disappointed due to those didn’t have perfect parts.
What I do not like however is that the new gearbox sniper seems to render bessie obsolete. Perfect accuracy being the only advantage.


I actually found the new gun fairly underwhelming, reverted to the Masher playstyle over my normal B-hop+quickscope demonstrated above. Remember that the Bessie has a multiplicative component to its crit modifier in addition to perfect accuracy and 35-45% more base damage, so in my mind the Bessie is still better.


Tested it.
Midget camp, in west from New Haven. 1359 damage Bessie and 1065 damage Silent Night.

No COMs, no skills:
15082 crits with Bessie
16546 crits with Silent Night

Sniper COM +95% critical hit damage, no skills:
18903 crits with Bessie
16546 crits with Silent Night*
*95% Critical hit damage from Sniper COM bonus does not apply for SIlent Night

No COM, skills - +20% damage from Caliber:
17120 crits with Bessie
18781 crits with Silent Night

No COM, skills - +30% critical hit damage from Deadly:
16590 crits with Bessie
17727 crits with Silent Night

No COM, skills - +20% damage from Caliber and +30% critical hit damage from Deadly:
18832 crits with Bessie
20123 crits with Silent Night

Sniper COM +95% critical hit damage, skills - +35% damage from Caliber skills and +30% critical hit damage from Deadly:
26065 crits with Bessie
22638 crits with Silent Night*
*reminder, 95% Critical hit damage from Sniper COM bonus does not apply for SIlent Night


  1. Without using Sniper COM Bessie with 1359 damage is inferior to Silent Night.
  2. Sniper Rifle Critical Hit Damage bonus from Sniper COM have no effect on Silent Night.