A Moment of Silence for my Old Name

(Oyarsa) #1

Apparently someone already has the SHiFT display name “Oyarsa”. Fortunately it’s case sensitive so I can use “oyarsa”, but not having a capital letter at the beginning is really bothering me.

Plus, Oyarsa is such an uncommon name that I can’t believe someone else would actually have it. Is there any way I could find the SHiFT account with that display name and make sure it’s not an old account of mine that I have no memory of or something?

(?) #2

This might be your best option.

(HeyCarNut) #3

What about using the number 0…

(Oyarsa) #4

@HeyCarNut Not a bad idea, but I kind of feel the same way about having a number for a letter as for having a lowercase letter. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

(?) #5


I think the zero is a good idea, doesn’t look too weird, and it is also a homage to one of the best character in BL2.

(Zef) #6

I lost my old name too. Not because someone took it, but because you cant have as many letters in your neme as before

(Heyooo!) #7

When I did my shift account back in the days it was pibrac then I change it to Pibrac yesterday but it was automatically changed to Pibrac1. So:

  • I change my username to ‘‘shshjjh’’ -> (basicly anything)
  • Saved the change
  • Changed it back to Pibrac
  • Saved the changed
  • log out and log in
    Now I have Pibrac, it was like it wouldn’t accept only a change in the case. And by the fact that the link to the profile Oyarsa pop to you I don’t think anyone have that name at the moment.

Hope that help, give us some feedback on this!

(Oyarsa) #8

@Pibrac It didn’t work for me, unfortunately. My username was originally my email address, and Oyarsa was already taken when I tried to switch to it. I did try changing it do something else and back, but it still said that it was taken.

(Heyooo!) #9

Just to be sure you try to change your name with this site : https://login.shift.gearboxsoftware.com