A (mostly) comprehensive Mellka gear guide and analysis (obsolete)

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At some point I need to re-do this guide with non-rounded damage numbers - and to include melee damage as well. But I need a volunteer to do that, and I haven’t the heart to rope anyone else in…

Anyway. I wouldn’t use a full regen load-lout myself. Maximum health is a really good stat, and you can get it attached to the best offensive stats (attack damage, attack speed, and skill damage). Reload and recoil, which are your offensive regen options, just aren’t as good.

Lately I’ve been taking a blue regen, purple skill, purple damage. The skill damage offers a little boost to Spike wave-clearing that I appreciate when I’m in a red bar match and I have to tone back my ambitions and focus on minions instead of players. The extra health is a needed buffer on red bar as well.


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@EdenSophia I’ll guinea pig for you to assist your testing


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ya, i was meaning to ask about that melee part too, ive seen post from you and greninja saying to melee then not to melee and I don’t know what the up to date method is, lol.


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Third item is shard gen or symbiotic gauntlet. Syms works eels because your health is almost always full for the full damage boost
@loving-hatred seconded


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@loving-hatred Maybe this weekend could be good!

@jedc750 there are a few players around that think her melee is fine. I think it is fairly pointless, insofar as the DPS is measurably very low and her gun is more damaging at both close and medium ranges. Sometimes I will body block someone and use the claw because I’m not giving myself a good angle for shooting. Often I will melee after jumping or spiking for the quick elbow knock back (which does good damage if you crit them while they’re venomed.) Very rarely I will melee just because it’s a Rath (or similar), I know I’ll win, and I just want to make a point.

Meleeing with Mellka is generally what you do when you’re already confident that the kill is yours, and then it’s just a matter of style. I’m big on style :stuck_out_tongue:

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What do you think about the following loadout? 1. blue regen + regen after three minutes, 2. blue health + health after three minutes and 3. skill damage + max health? Too much of a focus on defence?


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  1. This response is a month old whoops
  2. That is a pretty good load-out. You probably figured that out yourself by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted to post here, as I’ve left it for a while. I intended to update it, as mentioned, but the shadow of the patch makes it pointless to do any testing right now. So the current plan is for me to revamp it as a video guide after the patch. People like moving pictures and sound, right?

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