A new broken feature!

Ok did you seriously tryout the game before release or just to lazy to think??

Now is not enough that benedict can backdoor without any repercussion because the stupid sentry doesn’t move to that spot. But he can seriously fly on top of the windows where some random tree branches are… And snipe the sentry with a natural map shield that is pretty hard to hit back.

I love the game and play with a 4 man group so we manage to win but seriously if I were playing with random pubs I would uninstall the game and asked for a refund because the amount of common sense stuff missing in this game is just pathetic. Rant over

if you play against a benedict learn to look up high. seriously we are really squishy unlike marquis

and i think thats the 3rd time you brought up the back door thing for a new topic and poeple are saying its not an issue and many poeple can make that jump. learn to protect it

I play with a pre-made so I know how to look up but the person that design the map it wasn’t very smart to make such a small map with such a long range sniper.

Plus the marquis stuff thread is not backdooring since he is snipping from the enemy base so is dhort notice is not the same…