A new crop of cheaters!

Got two new guys hacking in PvP - Aimbotting and one guy somehow altering his score. http://i.imgur.com/qE4rdQk.jpg

Edit: screenshot didn’t include match ID. http://i.imgur.com/6WtRklP.jpg


That score is weird indeed. Bug or cheating, I don’t know.
As for the thorn player, surely you jest. A 7-5 score with an aimbot, it would have to be the worst player in the galaxy…

have personally seen this spotify guy do insane kills and insane numbers in some matches.

also a really big jerk.

also suspect him of somehow hitbox hacking because i can never hit him even when im 1 foot away

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How so? I mean other than the hacking.

this is funny cracker.

all achivement same time complete , lol


And he plays APB, another hacker-infested game.

Did a game recently versus a clear and obvious aimbot Marquis. It was so painfully obvious, to the point I would get get headshot while moving by a Marquis who wasn’t even looking in my overall direction.
Also, melee range sniping.
We were also unsure whether the Benedict had a aimbot… Such accuracy with rockets was terribly weird.

Still managed to win the game ( meltdown ) since he was focused on killing people and not playing the objectives…

Anyway, we put a steam report on his face. That must be worth something, doesn’t it ?

And people say there’s no good reason to play on console


…Gearbox needs to look into that fast!
This person has bypassed the entire system.

@mo1910. I played against Spotify before. Definitely a cheater. Surprised he is still running loose

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…Did a quick search, found one of the tools that account uses, works in MP and Solo, gives unlimited perks for everything. If Gearbox doesn’t already know about this I’ll be very surprised, but it needs to be addressed NOW.


Please take a look at these guys… especially spotify, since he even completed every single achievement the exact same second what´s absolutly impossible. Seems he is able to change a lot of data of the game.

Can confirm spotify is a cheater. Here is the match id (does this help?) http://imgur.com/d6VSuIm

Here is his steam id STEAM_0:1:115040575

Thankfully his team were good sports and stayed in spawn until they could surrender, nice job guys! I even got to taunt kill him :^)

Just played another game with him on our team. We just surrendered. Is there an official way to report cheaters?

[quote=“ThatRedRobot, post:13, topic:1494923, full:true”] I even got to taunt kill him :^)

Just played another game with him on our team. We just surrendered. Is there an official way to report cheaters?

Oooh yeah, that kind of Taunts DO feel good, don’t they ? Dat feeling when I kill the aimbotting Marquis with my Kelvin, taunt him while still being in the melee and getting hurt during the animation, but still manage to get away with my life…
Not what I paid the game for, but still very satisfactory.

And as far as I know… No, no official ways to report cheaters. I can only recommend doing so on Steam directly, I guess… Better than nothing ?

our team played against SPOTIFY yesterday and i can confirm 1000% that he is a cheater. after that match we all 5 members reported him as a cheater. hopefully i wont see him on battleborn again

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Wait this is the same Spotify I played against yesterday morning, yup he’s a definite aimbot player and it’s nothing to do with skill (we killed him multiple times by luring him in for kills, has horrible tactics / awareness and very willing to chase my fat Kleese ass for kills/ambushes), his team eventually surrendered in disgust.

I knew that guy was not legit when he was headshoting from far away with Galth.

Have you reported the tool to GBX Support?

And to everyone, that’s where you can report cheaters too.

You know, that’s really not such a flattering picture of me. Here, have a better one.

Spotify now goes under the name of < blank >.

I called him out today and gave him an earful of nasty ■■■■. I said some pretty bad things but such a ■■■■■■■ loser deserves such treatment.