A New Direction Main mission BUG PS4

So I’m playing through UVHM and I’ve reached the mission A New Direction. I get up to the section where I have to “Find a signal” and upon reaching the gates they didn’t open. Of course, I looked this bug up and it was a simple jump over the wall fix and I did but upon doing so it didn’t actually fix my problem. No worries, right? I kill all the enemies but the mission diamond/ tracker hasn’t moved from the gates. I proceed anyways the gates further back have been opened, and I guess it’s just a visual glitch. I get to the doors which are supposed to open up and let you fight red belly but they aren’t opening I’ve saved and quit, closed the game, reopened and now somehow the turrets spawn and the gates open but the three enemies that usually spawn aren’t there and I still can’t progress the main story.

I’ve tried multiple time to just to kill all the enemies running past the badass ( cause that gets annoying after several times) and going straight to the main boss gates with nothing occurring.
Correctly playing on the PS4, if you know anything it would be greatly appreciated.

In order for the final doors to open, you have to have the front gates open - otherwise, the script doesn’t advance regardless of what happens. I’ve managed to trigger the front gates once by running around the top of the wall in a big circuit.

If that doesn’t work (and I’ve had it not work), try going all the way back to Triton Flats via the map transition you entered from - NOT the one adjacent to the front gate - and save-quit-restart. Then head back as though doing the story for the first time and make straight for the front gates. Resist the temptation to duck through the other map transition for a quick trip back to Triton Flats or Concordia!

If that still doesn’t work, your best option is to join the game of someone progressing the same story mission and clear it with them.

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Thank you! Leaving Crisis Scar and going to Triton Flats from the far side fixed everything!