A New Gearbox Ip

I want gearbox to do what they do, aka, make incredible RPGs with great loot, combat, and local+online co-op mix, except in a fantasy LOTR style world and in 3rd person. I bet I’ll get haters for this like “as if we don’t have a million of those already”. Thing is, we don’t- not if you include local co-op in that list. ESPECIALLY on this generation of consoles… Some games have had varying degrees of success but most of them are watered down experiences, and honestly I wish GB would try their hand at it. They always seem to do a good job and follow up any mistakes with fixes.

Why do u guys think? Any snowballs chance in hell of this happening?

GBX have quite a few IPs already aside BL and BB

Cool by me! Any that might fit that type of game??


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Something like Diablo? I’d be down with that.

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Not familiar with it, but I’d be down.

Yeah me too!

Like mentioned above, Gearbox has some un-used IP’s. There is; Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, and i believe they still have the rights to make a game out of the movie HEAT. These franchises haven’t gotten any attention because Gearbox wasn’t big enough to do more projects. And yes i say “wasn’t” because they just moved into a new and bigger office. Besides that Gearbox also opened the brand new Quebec studio. So this brings some possibilities to the table.

A little while back this came into the news:

Paul Sage, Creative Director of The Elder Scrolls Online, has left Bethesda in order to join Gearbox Software.

Will Borderlands 3 have more MMO elements or are they planning to create something els…

Oh, really? Interesting. The plot thickens.

More traffic to this… So GBX must do it lol

Boom. Sounds good to me! As long as it has split screen… Otherwise im outtie…

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Divinity: Original Sin is a fantastic turn-based fantasy RPG with couch co-op and a cool weighted rock-paper-scissors mechanic for resolving some plot choices should the players (or characters based on personality traits that evolve with decisions and actions in single player)

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I am totally down! My friend and I were talking about this. If you take the loot system from the borderlands games and throw that into a fantasy rpg with melee, ranged, magic weapons! There’s never been any medieval/fantasy rpg like it!

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