A new Idea for a new Homeworld Game

I’m new here so i’m putting this in fan Art cause I am not sure where to put this right now.

Anyways before I go on about my Idea for a new Homeworld Realted game, i wanted to share a dream, or rather nightmare, I had that made me think of this Idea.

The dream happend over 10 years ago. In this dream, I was a commander of a Kushan class Detroyer. It was in the Cataclsym Era, and we had a few frigates with me which were assisting on our patrols around the Mothership. At the time it was very peaceful, we were just doing business as usall. Suddenly, we get a call from the Mothership on the intercom. “Long range sensors indicate incomming cruise missles on an intercept course with the Mothership. Please anyone hearing this, help us!”. I quickly springed into action. Yelling on the intercom saying “everyone to your stations! we must protect the Mothership at all costs.” then I told the people that were controling the ion turrents to focus on the targets that were far away and the people operating the Kinetic turrents to focus on the target that are closer. I also told the frgates that were under my command to approch the mother ship and protect it. Everything went good for a while, but one cruise missle edventually got through. I remember hearing an explosion followed by screams over the intercom as the Mothership was being infected. I woke up still listioning to those screams.

That was my first nightmare belive it or not lol. I didn’t play Homeworld Cataclsym for 3 years becuase of that. Anyways, the point of this dream will help you understand what kind of Homeworld game I believe Gearbox should make next. I believe it should be a commanding type game where we are in charge of a ship and can give commands to the ship and have other ships under our comand when we prove our worth or upgrade to a more powerful ship later on. So, like in my dream, I was a comander of a destroyer and also had about 4 frigates in my squad to help me out. I could give them orders to help defend me or give them specific objectives, like defend a certain ship or area or have them dock somewhere for repairs. Think of it as TIE Fighter Squadren mixed with Homeworld. Also think of how cool it would be if they implmented VR in this as well.

Here would be an example. Lets say the game starts out at the same time Homeworld 1 starts with the Mothership almost ready to start its first hyperspace jump. You are a new recruit to the Kushan Fleet and you meet up with a commander that will take you out into space and teach you how to use your new ship, which would be the scout. This could basically be the tutorial. Once done, we get the order that the Mothership is ready for its Hyperspace test, so we dock in the Mothership and Hyperspace to the next area.

So what do you guys think? Would you buy this version of Homeworld if it went into develoment? Do you think that this would be a great Homeworld VR game? Let me know and i apoligize for the big post lol

Well, I would like to see a game INSIDE ships instead of some eternal floating camera like most RTSes, and even if they made some FPS style game with Homeworld it would do well in today’s market.

If you have been having dreams like that and I haven’t I must not have played enough Cataclysm…