A new 'player to BL2 + sequel in need of partners blowing stuff up bigger

Hey there,

I’m a 27 year old guy and got BL2/sequel this week. I’d eventually like to level most characters till max. So doing this just on my own would be a little boring and I could use the company, tbh I dislike playing by myself! What’s the fun of blowing stuff up when you can’t show others how hard you do it? (Nah really, I don’t care about showing off}. Anyway! Feel free to just add me and we’ll work something out how/when to play!

  • IGN Smusheys (Xbox One)

sure my gt is BronzeWall6687

I wouldn’t put my gametag in my post if I didn’t expect anyone willing to play to just simply add me, just saying

i put my gamertag so you would know its me