A new reskinning project for Hell's Highway

I recently got the itch to play Brothers in Arms again after a few months without touching the franchise. Having played the game countless of times over the years, I came to think it would be amazing to try giving HH some polish, graphically. Here you can see the very beginning of my “Hell’s Highway Redux” project. So far I only replaced some environment textures with higher res ones from BFV, as well as some blood decals and a reskin for the Kar98K, but just that alone is already looking pretty great if you ask me, even more with some Reshade thrown into the mix!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Here’s some more updates :

New German and American uniforms, no censorship on the swastikas.

Darker reskins for the Kar98K and the M1 Garand

Historically accurate allied and german propaganda leaflets

New ground textures and blood decals

Camouflaged german vehicles, according to the regulations of the Wehrmacht in 1944

That’s all for today.

Could you post a more detailed pic of the New skin for the M1?
p.s.: That K98K looks good!

That’s the best I can do, it’s essentially a brownish and darker stock, darker metal with some wear around the edges.

Nice job with the skin!
too bad the shading of the model sucks :frowning:

Man, you are the best. This looks AWESOME.
Any approximate date?

Not yet, the project is still early and I have a lot of things to tweak still, but it’s getting there!

biahh%202019-09-27%2015-37-24 biahh%202019-09-27%2015-40-25

And here are some weapon reskins fresh from the oven.

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Yet more texture improvements!

ggun2 ggun3 ggun4

Sorry for the huge dump of pictures.


No worry. This looks absolutely incredible. Keep up the good work!

There it is! I took less time than I expected to finish it so here you go, have fun.


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Could you explain how to install this in your own way? Because I do the right method and it just shows me the black screen

By the way, thanks for your work dude

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It seems the version of Texmod I uploaded is broken, re-download it from here and it should work, that fixed everything for me :

Yes, it looks like it was broken. Anyway, I had already fixed it on my own, but apparently this tool has many ways to make it work lol