A New Skin or 2 New Taunts

Need a bit of help from the general public.

I got 560 Platinum, so right now I can spend it on 2 taunts or 1 skin.

The skin I’m aiming for is Deande’s “Imposter” skin, the purplish one that makes her look like the Queen of Blades, somewhat.

The two taunts I want are Galilea’s “Primed” (she does a rolling flip and yells, “Who wants to face Galilea?”) and Shayne+Aurox’s “What Goes Around” (Shayne tosses a boomerang and fails to catch it when it returns.)

I’ll give this thread a few hours for the community to come up with suggestions as to which one seems like the “better deal”, so to speak. It’s so hard to decide.

And no, asking me to buy another 560 Platinum is not on the table.

Well, everyone will see the skin when you use the character, so you’re getting more value over time that way.

I like to taunt and have a lot of taunts though, so those can be fun too.

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First who is ur main?

What do you prefer? The skin or the taunt? Taunts are cheaper and have 1-3 lines.

If u like gambling there is a chance of 1-2% of get a skin and/or taunt magnus pack.

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One time I bought a cute new taunt and then used it (you know, for fun, cos I had a cute new taunt), and got an endless stream of PSN abuse for my troubles.

But ain’t nobody ever abused me for wearing my sexy skins.

Skins?..are you a serial killer?

Aw that sucks, I don’t get a whole lot of abuse on Xbox. I guess nobody can stay mad at dancin’ Orendi for long.

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Cereal Killer.


@dantesolar brought up a good point about taunts that I forgot to mention: getting to hear new lines in battle is a big point on the taunt side.


The Impostor Deande skin turns her war fans purple. It looks like, really cool.

Don’t we call that “worthy of song” around these parts?


Worthy of this song maybe:

Thanks guys, for all those who responded. I crashed an hour after I made this post, I guess I was much more tired than I first believed.

So skin it is.

As for my main? I play Phoebe, Thorn, Deande, Beatrix, Galilea, Alani and S+A the most. Not in that order, I use them depending on my mood, and it’s beneficial if I have 1 character from each faction when I grind Commander Packs.

And damn the Imposter skin looks so good…

Also, I’m not gambling with 0.5% on my side.

Thank you all for your input.

Easy peasy: taunts are more for you, since you’ll be seeing them more.
Skins are for the others, since they’ll be seeing them more.

I got the skin, since I’m an aesthetics guy, and Imposter Deande skin just looks very appealing.

Regardless of my choice, I win no matter what. Those taunts will come to my possession eventually.