A new thread will be prepared

Alpo’s wares will soon return. Anointed weapons and gear will soon reappear!

Any chance you have a radiation laser sploder? Anointed for Moze would be nice but not necessary.

GT: DeadheadHix09

Unfortunately I don’t.

Id take the Knife drain white elephant if possible, GT Spytock

Any good mods for an amara or flak build or just good gear in general would be greatly appreciated just add novalord6214 on psn

I’m on XBL bud.

Can I have an artifact? GT witchbladepr7

Which one?

Any of them will work great. Thanks


Thanks :blush:

Can’t find you on XBL

Can u send it to my husband?
Do u have a legendary jackob machine gun?

Is your maggie anointed?

Can’t find you under that GT either. :frowning:

Unfortunately no

He is connected right now

Can I get the True Monocle Anointed?

GT: Brash Smurf

Can you mail it?

Tell him to add me, I can’t find him. GT Alpo Mud