A new use for cash

So, finally we have a good use for the eridium, but with it brought the need of farming it from different sources (Ruiner actually being the best option with lootsplosion). But, how about the idea of trading bad legendaries for an acceptable amount of cash in exchange for eridium at Crazy Earl’s shop, Or “recycle” them under the same system?. That would help to bring back another use for cash and we could get an additional option to get eridium (I know it’s not a new idea but I think it’s good to have a topic about this if devs read it).


There is an Eridium event coming up pretty soon.

I like the idea of recycling anointed gear for eridium.

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More SDU’s will be a good start

I have $99M. There’s nothing TO spend cash on!

Get yourself a predatory lender. You’ll see how much cash you really have and you’ll have a use for it.

I wish I could automate the slots or just up that stakes to get better loot. Then I’d just gamble my hundreds of millions away. Oddly, I still shovel the spare cash to a mule and avoid needlessly dying. I hate giving Hyperion anything.