A noobish question

Hello all!

New to the Borderlands series. Was a huge Destiny player until I bought the handsome jack collection. I am in love with this game especially Borderlands 2!

My issue is a friend of mine transfered characters from 360, and I started fresh. She is a Level 63, and I am 41 on my second playthrough. She gave me some amazing weapons and shields like the bee and conference call, but cant use them till I hit 50.

We want to play together, but if she hosts, i get destroyed, and if I host nothing is a challenge cause shes so op against 41s.

My question for you borderlands alumni is what is the best method to level up so I can close the gap between us. Im sure some of you can tell me the best method.

I look forward to your replies. Thanks!

The only way to do it without cheating yourself is to play a bit more often than she does.

The reason for that is that you learn your character. You learn what skills are good and bad. You learn how to keep your player alive and how to bring something to the table.

If you power-level (have someone at a higher level score more points for you), you lose that. You also don’t learn the basics and they still have to carry you anyway. You won’t learn how to take cover and let your shield charge or how to set up certain builds for certain things.

If she has played to level 63, she obviously enjoys it. So you don’t want to detract from that by not knowing how the game goes.

But as to how… just run through the play-throughs as quickly as you can. Put a little time into learning it.

I know how much of a pain in the @ss to be different levels from someone. It just doesn’t work very well. Nor is it fun if the other person just got power-leveled and they’re complaining to me that my grenades are killing them :smile:


That was an excellent answer. I couldn’t agree more.

My suggestion is to do what my friends and I tend to do. Start new characters together and keep them for our co-op sessions. Then we carry on with our other character/s solo. Having two characters “grow up” together has a charm of its own :smiley:

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if it’s just a few levels, the BarRoom brawl in Torgues DLC can provide that , you still want to run the game as well to learn it , but the brawl will keep you at level and even there you can learn what Guns/Gear work best with that toon

in fact I do use that to power level people who request it (360 Only), it does not take long that way to reach 50 from 41

Ya man. Thanks. Best answer I got so far. I’m not trying to power level, just wanted to know the optional missions or dlc to get to 50 the most efficient. I didn’t pay 60 bucks for a game to sit back and let someone else play it for me! Lol.

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in that case, if you havent already got them I would say get Torgues DLC, Tiny Tinas DLC, The pirate DLC first complete them(saving any side missions with rewards worthwhile to wait for), then see where you are at Level/XP wise and then add the other DLC (Hammerlocks) and the Headhunter packs.
I have them all (DLC and Headhunter) and that is a Nice Big chunk of XP between them all

Personally, all of my friends were at 72 when I was still in TVHM, so they ran around crushing everything and I got the XP from it. It was still lots of fun to hang out, and I had no trouble learning the skills of my character. It caught up to us in UVHM, of course, because they had to deal with enemies on their level with several times the health. But it got me to their level sooner, and again I had no problems with learning my skills, as I play by myself a fair amount of the time. Now I’m the one who has mastered my character (Maya) and is leveling them through the OP levels. I absolutely don’t recommend just powerleveling characters, but playing with friends in TVHM and having them crush everything, and then switching to UVHM and gaining lots of XP works out fine so long as you also play solo once in a while to make sure you’re learning the skills as you purchase them.

Handsome collection came with all dlcs for bl2, and bl:ps. So yeah, i have every piece of content possible.