A Party out of Space is bugged

In the mission “A party out of Space” the quest objective for “Enter the Lodge” will check off but the door never opens. Me and my friend initially did the quest when it bugged out and so I joined his world and played up to that point and it bugged out AGAIN! I do not know what exactly is causing it.

This really sucks for us bc its our first time playing the game and we’re missing out on an entire DLC because of this. We’d really like to know fixes for this.

It’s worth noting that I did try joining someone else and we did manage to get through ONCE but it never updated the quest on my end and the door remained closed.

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I have the same Bug. Returned after moxxi dlc to play again and the first quest I started was this one. Gaige doesn’t move to open the door. Stuck. All the steps you used I tried too. Nothing happens. After searching for the bug I found nothing. Just this post with no respond.
That dlc is unplayable with this bug.
Can somebody pls help solve or fix this?

Me and a buddy just had that happen in our playthrough. We went on the gondola and loaded into the lodge but gaige or deathtrap didnt move at all and it wouldnt let me in the door and it checked off the quest step that said enter the lodge but we couldnt progress further.

My buddy had an idea that worked.

He switched to another character and started fresh on the dlc and i joined him on the character with the bugged step and we got up to that point and it let us into the lodge no problems and we advanced the quest by talking to the people and completed the quest. So after that i loaded onto the character on my own outside of his game and the progress saved

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I wish I had something to say. I tried replicating but there isn’t much to try. :confused:
I did experienced noticeably more issues lately with npc’s pathfinding. Which could be @taylorrtb69’s problem.

Overall yes. An alternate account in split screen is often your best friend.