A PC ONLY update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Today (2/9/17)

A PC only update to Battleborn will begin rolling out today at 12pm PT (3pm ET). This update includes small quality of life changes, as well as bug fixes. Full notes can be found here:

Battleborn PC Only Update- 2/9/17

As always, for support with Battleborn or SHiFT, please visit: http://support.gearboxsoftware.com


Yes!! The chat window is fixed and the loadout selection tab replaces skin tab in priority! Thanks so much for this :smile: now if only the gear library jumpy-bug-thing could be eliminated…


Awesomeness :sunny:

Update only took 2 minutes :smile:

These are all welcome changes and fixes.

Is this truly an “update” like the “winter update?” If so, will it be the only “update” this month?

I guess
no more
talk like
cave man.


The new Are you sure? step is slightly annoying but I see how that was needed.

So, there was PC exclusive Update lately?
I don’t have acces to Battleborn since like 24h, due to some mysterious “Failed to authenticate player with the battleborn server” error and now that makes sense.
I just love those prank Updates: those that wreck more that they promise to repair. Can one simply not love them?
Now, stop it, and bring me back my access.

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This broke the character select for me. Remove the confirmation screen until you’ve got it working. Seriously. Stop adding in broke ass features.

Every time a teammate or enemy picks a character, the confirmation pop up will reset for anyone else who happens to have it open, meaning they have to re-select the character.

Guess how many times I haven’t gotten to actually select my character at all and then try to guess my salt levels.

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…Yup, that has been happening to me also and sometimes the focus is lost, can’t re-select unless you leave that menu.


For you guys having troubles, if you don’t mind reaching out to our support team, that would be much appreciated, that way we can get some documentation on your specific issue that may help in the future! Thanks!


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Apologies for sounding so aggressive but every time I random a char I end up with Toby and he… really isn’t my style. I’ll do this.

…With respect, no.
Each time I’ve used support they have confirmed but have not acted.
Once for a known bug they even told me to verify my steam files. (Where’s the derp avatar)

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I love this game for how authentic the characters feel, like Caldarius’ gun actually being jerked by his movement, but Toby feels so rickety for the precision he requires. Couldn’t get in to him

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