A petetion to fix Deception Critical Bonus

Knowing full well that it is sadly unlikely to get another update for this great game I cant bear the fact that this exists to this day

As many may not know the +250% crit damage listed on Deception is not there and does not apply here’s a vid

I did test this myself as well with the latest hotfix, This is so very sad , it is zeros MAIN SKILL the very first one and i dont imagine it will be very hard to fix

PLEASE JOIN ME in this and request that it be properly added or… if they really dont want to for some reason… although zero is already lacking behind in damage and survive-ability at least remove it from the description and list the hidden (for some reason) accuracy bonus instead

I would also really like to stop Critical Ascension stacks crumbling completely once switching to non-sniper gun or accessing the backpack\vendor. they already decay TOO FAST and require so much skill to keep up, having them behave like an overly attached girlfriend that senses betrayal once i switch to a pistol is really an unnecessary penalty especially when we have I never miss on aurelia
Instead of these ludicrous restrictions having them disappear after dying is a much more reasonable thing to stop pre-stacking, I really feel stupid being forced to run around with 4 snipers to use CA. just let them stay on screen and decay at the normal 6>2 sec rate and not crumble and disappear, but that is inferior to the first request

Last i would love this to be an update because hotfixes sometimes dont apply for some reason ( i have to switch my network to online public for it to work for some reason) and so to summerize:
1-Fix Deception’s Critical hit bonus PLEASE!!! MOST IMPORTANTLY
2-Stop CA stacks from resetting when switching to a non_sniper weapon preferably along with the many many other resets like accessing menus
3-Make this happen PLEASE!!! in a solid update rather than a hotfix

Please join me and maybe gearbox will thankfully implement it and thanks in advance to all


@JoeKGBX so you don’t miss this by accident.

Thank you for participating , really appreciate that

I’m really sorry about this, but I don’t agree with a Deception critical hit bonus - I think Zero hits hard enough without it, so he would be one-shotting most bosses with it. The text should be changed to reflect the actual effects, though.
On a similar note, the Sniper (and Legendary Sniper) class mod’s card bonus to sniper critical damage is misleading as well: it applies to all guns. I’m assuming it cannot be restricted to snipers easily, so the best fix would be to describe what has been happening since forever and list it as a general critical damage boost instead.
However, the CA part I agree with, mostly due to the menus deleting all stacks - that’s just nonsense. They decay quickly anyway, so just let them decay when not wielding a sniper rifle.


I agree it should be fixed. If people think its to strong just look at sal. As for the CA stacks I disagree there really strong at even 20, it should be a skill=reward system.

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yes of course skill reward i am totally for that, so having them stay after dying but disappearing upon doing ANYTHING other than keeping a sniper equipped is really strange

yeah and as for strength maya is now ridiculous after cloud kill, she already slagged everything now she has massive DoT as well. OP8 feels almost like normal mode with her now. Zero could use some crit boost from deception it would make sense which is why they wanted it to happen, im not debating the exact number
Either way debating character balance is beside the point which is that having your ACTION SKILL list wrong information is really something that shouldnt stay unpatched, please GBX dont leave the game in such a state

Oh no don’t get me wrong I agree with your main point about the crit hit damage. How about make them stay when entering your menus but not ammo vendors?

vendors not so big a deal for me dont really care about them specially, but i mainly oppose it since it makes no sense to have them disappear for any reason other than dying\respawning. its ok to open ammo boxes and vendore are likely to be at the very beginning of a map so its really not worth it. we have ways to keep ammo up and i feel that vendors like almost all the other stuff was not intentional
but again vendore mean the least to me in this argument

again thank you all, im happy this is getting some attention at least

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Honestly if it worked like anarchy it would make me play sniper zero. I’d stack 999 and go one shot everything lol. Your right about the character balance its never gonna be balanced lol

I’m on board. OP or no, that’s how they designed it to be used, so they should fix it so it works as intended. Would be kind of hypocritical not to fix something as basic as an action skill to work the way it’s desribed in the game.

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56 days worth of playtime on Zer0 and I did not know this issue existed. (the Deception crit bonus) Definitely will sign for that.

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yes i know, I never miss on aureila is MUCH easier to stack but you only benefit from the stacks if u crit.
I am not asking for that stack behavior on zero, i would personally think that having a more reasonable stack cap that would actually be very useful at low numbers is a more encouraging thing. but thats beside the point here
my focus is on their unreasonable restrictions. on strictly keeping a sniper equipped. it simply doesnt feel intentional, instead having them disappear upon dying is what i would prefer

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come on is it not bugging u? comment and lets at least try

Really cant believe an action skill is gonna be left bugged…
out of all the characters in BL2 zero is definitely the one u wronged the most…

This has been a know issue for years.

After all this time, Gearbox is either unable or unwilling to fix it.

They should just delete the bogus information from the skill description.

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at this point i would settle for anything, just acknowledge it

I agree it should be fixed.

Zer0 is great at outputting a metric crapton of damage, that is essentially his skill. He just isn’t very good at TAKING damage. By restricting his ability to deal the damage you are weakening the character.