A Pirate manfucture

The rats have a new vendor in town for the pirate manufactured gear. For all your loot hoarding needs.

What? Please elaborate.

Pirate manufacturer would be cool if it were a thing. I am currently playing borderlands with every character with every manufacturer. It gives a different view if the game with different manufacturer. pirates need their own manufacturer line.

Just livin the dream but it is what it is


Here have a taco

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Please don’t post for no reason.

Pewdepie needs to be in borderlands 3 :sweat_smile:

Il be honest, ive always had a fantasy of one brand that just handles cannons for rocket launchers. Just picturing the intricate brass work possible, like for rarities, brass on metal, bule steel on wood, etc. I know gearbox could do great because of isic’s character design in battleborn.

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