A Place to Donate Gear

I have about 25 Green Monsters. They’re taking up room, and I’m too lazy to trade, or actively give them a way. Then I said to myself,

“Self, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place you could just donate them?” And I answered in the affirmative.

If there were a server you could email unused stuff. Create a donation location in a map. Run by Marcus of course. You could just browse. And if you liked something you just took it. Or, imagine if we had another bank for just donations that you could open up to everyone. I guess it would sort of function like the four item bank in TPS?

I don’t really want to cash in legendaries I will never use, at the same time I don’t want to have to work to get rid of them. I’m also sort of like Tannis, don’t like mingling with humans too much.

Great or stupid idea? There are no bad responses.

Could work so long as the outcome was random and there was a minimum rarity requirement.

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There was supposed to be a feature in BL3 that everything you sold would appear in friends vending machines but I think it was scrapped?

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Good point. I think it could be randomized like Marcus’s vending machine. I would think only legendaries, maybe epic.

I was thinking more like a chest or loot box, but free.
If players can pick and choose it won’t work well, it will just be filled with campers.

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