A plea to GBX dev. team

So yeah, a “what has been seen cannot be unseen” case here. Some may reconsider about reading further. :grinning: Ignorance is a bliss, and all that.

I’ve just finished installing a new big HDTV and connecting my PC, and I’ve noticed something new(to me). After playing the game for 2 years. I wish I haven’t.

Anyway, here’s what I’m talking about:

FXAA off:

FXAA on:

It shimmers like crazy in motion, and it drives me crazy, too. I literally can’t play.

Well, “turn off FXAA/use another AA method”. Fair enough, and that would’ve been it(although, there’s no other AA solution, really; it’s either huge performance hit, or wrecked fonts) However, I got this “brilliant” idea to check the Handsome Collection and… it’s fricking fixed! And in The Pre-Sequel on PC as well, apparently. :rage:

I was 99% sure that just copying every usf and bin with “FXAA”, “Bokeh”, “DOF” in it from TPS wouldn’t work, and it didn’t(the game crashes). So… Can adapted shaders be… unofficially released? :grinning: It should take like “5 minutes”, right? No testing, even if they’d produce some other artifacts, I wouldn’t CARE. Please.