A plea to Gbx to toggle Halloween event

Long time Borderlands fan here. I cherish every entry in the Borderlands series(including and especially Tales). Saying I’m a huge fan of @gearbox would be an understatement.

However, these goddamn mother ■■■■■■■ ghosts are driving my ■■■■■■■ bat ■■■■ crazy.

The ghosts are totally ruining my enjoyment of the game. It’s intolerable.

Is there any way in future events we can have a toggle or feature to not have the event forced on me?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the event itself, it’s great and fun but it needs to be isolated to it’s own zone or something.

This is something that I think @gearbox should REALLY consider.

It’s so annoying to me that I’m finding myself not wanting to even play.

Hell, me and my daughter have played split-screen through every Borderlands entry and she came over a few weekends ago to play BL3 do the first time and she was so annoyed and overwhelmed by the ghosts and terror stuff that she don’t even want to play until it’s gone. And that is crazy bc she LOVES Borderlands!

It’s just super distracting and there should be a choice to turn the event on(or travel to the event) or leave it off so you can enjoy the normal story.

Please for the love tatas and beer do something to fix this.

Note: This is coming from not only a die-hard Borderlands fan but Halloween is my favorite holiday. And I love ghosts. But not like this! Gross.

Again, I beg you Gearbox to consider this. This is something that will truly drive players away and I’m not being melodramatic or whatever. It’s just good word of what’s happening.

I’ve played nothing but Gearbox games near exclusively for close to 7 years now(BL1, BL2, TPS, BB) and I’m honestly considering taking a break until this is over. Outer Worlds is calling my name…

And that is something I thought I would never hear myself say.


i thought this is part 2.

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I find myself going through the menus (choosing a character, making sure im in TVHM if it’s one of the two that’s completed the story… Then closing the program just to button spam past the hotfix and prevent the ghosts from popping up.

When we actively have to go out of our way to avoid something this much - there’s gotta be a toggle going forward.


This is absolutely the first thread I’ve seen complaining about it. It sounds like a good notion, though. I’m shocked no one has brought it up until now.

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Wait there a way to avoid it? Without going offline? Please tell! PLEASE!

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online but hotfix not yet loaded in.

i don’t think they will fix it since it is only a month away and it is gone.

if you can’t beat the anoying ghost effects, join them. your weapons are immune (no handling and accuracy loss) if they benefit from the terror effects.

terror ammo regen is good for moze (lyuda infinity for example).
I for one am looking for a terror health regen for my melee amara so i can use the unleash the dragon in shaft but still have the survivability needed.
fl4k benefits on the added crit on terror.
zane will benefit more on the bonus cryo damage.

also the ghost call, if you got stacks of terror is the new pipe bomb/recurring hex.

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Gonna try and relaunch the game and spam my character in before the pumpkins load.

Fingers crossed.

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I feel yaband that sounds fun at level 50 but I’m just trying to level a new character they the story atm.

I slammed in real quick and there are no ghosts but I’m not sure if I’m online or not because when I go to social it wants me to “update game”.
???I dunno lol.

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just don’t go back to main menu, you are online but hotfix is not loaded yet.

I must be offline bc the updates like shield boosters pick aren’t working.

I just stopped playing. I can wait till they’re gone.


MAt just have to deal with it. /Shrug

From what i have come to understand the terror annoints with cryo do not provide immunity from the terror effects.

You mean like saving and quitting over and over so your build isn’t ruined by Mayhem modifiers?

Love this game. But some of the choices they made seem to be in spite of common sense.


it is inconsistent, i use a face puncher with terror on cryo bonus sometimes it is and sometimes it is not, however if i ads i am unaffected by the accuracy loss.

Just quoting for the truth of it.

Love this game but damn, some of the decisions. Mayhem Mode is full of silly arbitrary modifiers. Just give us tougher enemies, better A.I. and maybe in Mayhem they have better attacks…

And this non-optional 6 week Halloween…wut?

Luv you Gbx. Promise.


The event should have ended on Nov 5, not Dec 5. I am so sick of the ghosts.

I see that I’m able to start loading into the game before the bloody harvest hotfix is loaded, but I wonder what other hotfixes aren’t being loaded when we do that…

[edit] Just saw the comment about the auto pickup of shield boosters not working. So it’s kind of what I figured…speeding through the opening menu stops ALL hotfixes from being loaded.

I’m just quitting until after Dec 5. I’m over it.

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Yeah man, I tried various ways to try and login online but without the Halloween event active to no avail.

I tried backing out to the title screen and hurrying to load my character in and it just put me in with no updates. I was online but it was like playing day one BL3 w no hot-fixes and such.

I also tried restarting the game entirely and logging in before the pumpkins showed up at the login screen but it was basically the same results as above.

The only way around it is simply to play offline or wait another month until it’s over.

Also, the thing is, I wouldn’t really mind the event being constant AFTER I complete the story.

And another thing I noticed that is super lame is the freaking ghosts don’t even give XP.

I have faith that GBX will learn from this and do better in the future.

Hell, I honestly would have been happy if they made the event a little better and charged for it like a head-huntet pack like 3-5 bucks but obviously make it later like the old BL2 Headhunters.

At the same time it is amazing that they putnso much into making an awesome and FREE holiday event but at least give Captain Haunt and the ghosts their own zone to do the event in so that I have the option to do the story without then"festivities" going off

I dunno. ■■■■ it. All good. Love peeps!

GB has said they will keep the drop rates for anointed items. Which was a miscommunication (still waiting for official responses on that one).
GB has also said they will gradually reduce the spawning of ghosts. But I do not feel the spawn rate has decreased at all.
I like the general direction of the game but to be honest, as a loving fan I do feel that some aspects of the communication and coordination seem to be out of control.

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