A plea to Gearbox, a new Bunkers and Badasses DLC

Bunkers and Badasses was hands down my absolute favorite DLC for Borderlands 2. It’s understandable not wanting to retread old ground… though it doesn’t need to be exactly like the previous one. It could all be new and be just as fun and amazing if not more so than the first Bunkers and Badasses. Would Love getting ButtStallion back somehow though… missing my favorite unicorn.

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DLC4 seems like be similar to Claptastic Voyage, at least I hope, cause it was my favorite.


Buttstallion was a Handsome Jack troll but I loved feeding it eredium for the Diamond variants of some of my favorite vanilla weapons from BL2.

That was a great way to delete eredium and a reason to go farm more from the Ancient Dragons.

For a while there, thats all I did was max out my eredium and feed it to Butt Stallion for Diamond variants. Although it was very redundant, it was rewarding; especially when I scored some awesome Diamond variants of Jakobs munitions.

Never got that Diamond Weisenheimer though …

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What’s this? Ava wants to play a game of Bunkers and Badasses with Tina, CL4ptrap, and that one guy in Sanctuary III who is screaming as loud as he can?

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OOOOoooh a Bunkers & Badasses DLC where Ava is the antagonist that we can kill again and again…

… I’m sold.


The quality of the BL2 Tiny Tina DLC made it what it is, not the theme. And, for me, the quality of the BL3 DLCs has been higher than BL2 DLCs (as good as they were).

The cost of making that DLC (TTAoDK) was a bit problematic for Gearbox; we are unlikely to see another DLC of its scale. Possible, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Well, being “in the mind of Krieg” hopefully won’t feel like being in the mind of Claptrap. :laughing: It wasn’t one of my favorite DLCs, but I did enjoy it.


If Krieg is the game master we might actually get to assault the poop train riding meat bicycles, wouldn’t that be something?

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