A plea to Gearbox: Vibration options

Please give the option to turn off all vibration as I find it very uncomfortable to play with the controller shaking the whole time I’m playing. It simply just distracts me from the actual game. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Wait, there isn’t options?

The old versions had them…

For some reason the controller vibration stopped working for me. It’s been set up as expected in game and ps4 settings. I got the digital copy BTW…

Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know I passed this on to the team. Thanks for the feedback!


2 things

  1. There is a “Turn off vibration” option. It’s in your PS4’s settings.

  2. Please give us a option to make the Vibrations from shooting stronger. I really enjoy being able to feel the gun i’m firing. Very satisfying feeling to fire a gun when the vibrations are appropriately strong enuff (i know this because it wasn’t one of the very few things Destiny got right and it is actually 1 of the top reasons their shooting gameplay is so enjoyable)

Please make this an option. I love the vibra pulse laser but HATE using it because it numbs my hands after a while

Ps4 users can go into settings - devices - controller and uncheck vibration in the meantime to disable vibrations.