A plea to premades

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Note: This post is written from the perspective of someone who only solo and duo queues with that in mind let’s begin.
As all of you probably know the novice quick match queue was merged with the regular quick match queue this is a good thing as new players should find matches faster and hopefully won’t be put off by long matchmaking times. However this means that more new and inexperienced players are being thrown in with veteran players. Before the merger of queues solo/duo queuers who fought premades could at least get a fun match out of it even if winning was out of the question. Now because of the merger most solo/duo teams are 3/5 or 2/5 new players making it extremely difficult for the experienced player to have a good match against a premade and new players will be stomped so hard that it will be impossible for them to learn demoralize them and slow their progression of acquiring gear,mutations and experience. So for the premade who doesn’t want to stomp every match with the barest minimum effort what can you do.
Well the most simple solution is to split up into solo or a duo however they’re players who for matchmaking time reasons or because they just derive so much less enjoyment from playing alone or with only one friend. These players can still help by distancing themselves from meta characters,builds and strategies for example Thorn is a near constant pick on premade teams and you almost always see at least one Boldur,Kelvin,Galilea or Shayne. Abstaining from characters like this and characters that you are particularly well versed in goes a long way. Another example is that when taking El dragon do you really need to take quadruple stacked max health?There are a ridiculous amount of gear builds you could experiment with and since you’re guaranteed a win against almost all non premades anyway why not try out a mobility build or see if you can even notice -14% cc duration? As for strategies why not just not build fat bots or hire thralls you could not backdoor or don’t chase kills hell I frequently only waveclear and remove myself from pvp altogether. Honestly I am just someone who wants to be able to play a game I love for as long as I can this is more to get you thinking about what you can do than a dictation,Maybe this won’t help retain players maybe it will but we’ll certainly never know if you don’t at least think about this.
P.S:buff minus cc duration gear in fall update pls


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premades or groups of people playing together are what is keeping this game populated. solo que is the single most frustrating expirience in this game that i will agree upon,but pleading with people who group together to NOT group up will not do anything.

You can either learn a carry character, or simply make friends(make sure they have thumbs).

Its the only way to roll in pvp-otherwise your expirience wont change.

Ill even do the work for you-here
add me on psn-oobface
now your friends with #1 kleese NA.


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and max health is part of the current meta btw* that also wont go away unless concurrent stun % and wound is buffed.

the meta is what it is-if your not running max health on melee, ur doing it wrong.


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:bllol: Good one.

I had noticed that. Turns out, it’s pretty useful in solo story/story ops too - more so than health regen in many cases.


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Can’t regen health if you’re already dead


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Recently, I have been playing a lot of duos with a friend who isn’t quite as hardcore as my old premades. I have noticed when I go up against typical premades, she and I can typically carry against them unless they pick a super meta comp. I feel at this point, I’m not frustrated with premades, I’m frustrated with the meta and how easily being in a premade allows you to abuse it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


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Recently it definitely has been harder to win whilst solo queue. The amount of players I get put on a team with who aren’t even level 10 is ridiculous. But at the end of the day it’s my choice to go through that. For me duo/trio is the way to go at this point in the game.


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I can agree that a fair few often seemigly seek to form pre-mades just for the sake of having pre-mades, but not all do.

But just to list a few things to note with regards to this;

  1. Skill is central to this. Certain veteran players can stomp harder than full pre-mades even if they’re just two.

  2. I don’t see Thorn as over represented in pre-mades specifically myself. Certain players who semi-frequently or frequently plays Thorns a lot. But that’s because she’s their main, not because they’re necessarily trying to play the meta (even though that can be an indirect reason).

  3. As for the tanks; It’s not weird seeing Kelvin, Boldur, Galilea or Shayne & Aurox since the only other dedicated tank is Montana w/ ISIC & Attikus possibly working as pseudo tanks. In that sense, it’s weird to not see them more frequently outside of pre-mades.

  4. Abstaining from your main is not inherently a good option for less of a stomp. My top 3 are Miko, Toby & Alani for instance. I’d stomp a lot harder with Attikus & El Dragòn than I’d do with Miko & Alani.

  5. Abstaining from summoning Thralls & spawning Elite Bots leaves out a central prt of the game mode. Dealing with it is a part of the learning curve and I don’t see anything wrong with it in Incursion. I’d never run an econ build in Meltdown (even against pre-mades), but spawning elite bots in that setting is the main way to quicken the stomp and end it early.

Beyond those points though, I do agree with the extensive max health stacking & kill chasing.


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Yes, this is unfortunate… There have been countless threads on this topic and there is only one more opportunity left for something to be done about it.

In my eyes, the only way to counter this without help from the developers is to make sure that the new players are well informed about the characters they are using. What works, what doesn’t work, useful gear, etc, etc. There has to be a community effort to try and teach the newer players how to play because the 5 man teams aren’t going to go away.

Most of the people I know already play with the handicaps you mentioned in your post, but I know for a fact that others do not share the same philosophy. Some will say something along the lines of “I am not going easy on them because that doesn’t teach them to learn counters and go above and beyond their limits.” I would like to believe that this is how they feel, but most of the time it comes out as “get good”, so… Anyway, try to be more social. You aren’t the only solo player that feels this way. Not everyone that plays the game visits the forums.


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The best players on PS4 have already noticed this, and we try to limit ourselves already. Most of us don’t play with more than three, unless we see another five stack running around, which we immediately snipe. We don’t use broke-ass gearsets (MPulse, Symb+Stable, Timer Kelvin), and we typically play less hard CC, no Kelvin/Ghalt death pull meta combos. We also specifically discourage toxic gameplay.

Ironically, the meta is a lot healthier now than it has been in some time. It’s still rough, no doubt, but there’s a lot of internal policing you’re not immediately seeing.


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This is central as well.

Most of those who are considered the best try to snipe pre-mades every chance they get. Hell, even trying to snipe when they’re just trio or even duo. But occasionally full pre-mades start to dodge as well (or members of it) which is the real disheartening bit.


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I play with my friends. It just so happens my friends are good. Except for @Nemosis327 he’s pure Canadian scrub <3

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Get em garrus. Tell em how it is


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If you say so. Nemo here is just a Toby main in disguise. He’s so good at him. He once got jumped by a Pendles then asked me what to do about it. I suggested he use his thrusters. He still died. The Pendles died too, only a real Toby main could die as a distraction to lure out a Pendles


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Don’t forget, we also love to throw. Shout out to @Supernovasnipe best thrower NA.


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I miss draft… It solved so many of these issues. I play Battleborn so little now, because i find myself and my friends constantly up against low-levels (where i tend to putz around or hard-focus the objective), or up against some of the better squads, who show no mercy and farm kills on us.

Once in a great while, we will get put against a team of equal skill, or a better team who picks a comp that will make it easier on us (@lemuren97, that match last week was one such case), which results in a fun, hard-fought match… Just like 80% of the matches in Draft used to be…



Throughout my Battleborn career I’ve been on both sides numerous times, that being said I always solo/duo during morning/afternoon and go full premade at night. There are positive and negative aspects to both. Whenever I’m able to play during the day I usually either solo or duo with @MiSS_SHARiNGAN or firerainstar. It’s painful playing with randoms cause usually we get low ranks that feed or get good players but come across a full premade and get stomped. Come night I always like to get a full team going since that’s when most premades are in matchmaking. At night I’m always with @TheJoshuaTree87 and @moodygurl11, with a few other people who we are able to join us at the time. Now, I see everyone I play with as friends not players, I don’t play with a person cause of their skill at the game, but rather to sit back, laugh and have fun playing the game. The negative side to this, we come across those try hard premades that want to target one of us or to farm us for kills, or those 3-4 mans that are able to stomp us, which leads us to not have fun and question our skill at the game, which we don’t like thinking about since we just want fun. Sometimes it leads us to going to play story or some other game. My point is not all premades are the same.


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I hate to say it, battleborn got me to throw in the towel with how rough many of the systems are. It’s still on my ps4 but I’ve no real desire to jump into the pvp anymore because it’s mostly the same actors with different faces now


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I agree
You can’t just tell people to stop playing with friends, but I also see what you mean…we could come to a middle ground and ask of premades to try not to stomp unless fighting a good team.