A plea to premades

(The Title Master) #21

I don’t really agree with this:

What premades out there who’s actual intentions are to stomp? Because the ones i know don’t. The premades I find who try to stomp are typically not nice people, so reasoning with them probably won’t be easy :joy:

When coming against good players you shouldn’t try to stomp them, try to get a balanced game going and have an actual good match, they don’t come around too often.


(RelatingThrone) #22

Yeah that’s fair
I was just throwing it out there…not thinking about it too well as this was a quick response while loading into a match (I apologise)
In my experience whenever i run into premades full of good players that run bull CC comps, so I’m pretty used to being stomped by good players instead of being given a good match (then again in suck)


(face) #23

find a carry you play well with, and exhibit those skills vs good players------Most good players know what to look for in OTHER players styles…awareness reaction understanding of situation at given times. Its the small things that make the difference in getting better at the game, and its truly whats noticed by better players-not by whats ur KD looks like

your more likely to get noticed by playing the map/objective correctly and making smart moves and having a megative KD and losing-than u are sitting in ur spawn as isic.

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Am glad it was. Was afraid it was going to come off as a kill chasing comp. with the two heavy divers. But those engagements are some of the most fun in my opinion; the ones where it’s not a matter of focusing a major CC-chain on someone so they can be immobilised and just watch themselves die.

Was certainly a fun match.


(Penguin connoisseur.) #25

Two of Shadow’s three kills on me were because i was out of boosts. You can’t fight a Phoebe off as Toby without boosts. I knew i was dead the second he started hitting me, haha; but i still kept him from killing me more. We did a good job of keeping you and Blaine at bay, as a team.

And VERY close!


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(Penguin connoisseur.) #27

I had used it on Blaine or someone else in every instance that he killed me. It was frustrating, but Shadow was playing smart, and i don’t fault him for it.


(How much time do we have?) #28

Quick melee too. Hate seeing someone trying to face-tank a melee character and never using their quick melee.


(Vagrantsun) #29

Cam knows what he’s doing. I’m just messing with him.

Now, if this was Crow on Toby, with his whack-ass slow mines, then I’d find it hilarious.


(Penguin connoisseur.) #30

Hey, Crow plays Toby better than me, in my opinion; bastard knocked me out of the top five, haha! Seriously though, he was the only person who caused me to ban Toby in draft, at the request of my team. For that, i will never forgive him… Slow-mines aren’t bad, and i know that Moo uses them to great effect as well. I just like letting my would-be assassins know that “they done f*cked with the wrong Finisci” when they get up in my face. Nothing says “see you in 30 seconds!” Like a stun & railgun to the face.

Unless you were joking again, 'cause i am not the best at picking up on sarcasm today…


(RelatingThrone) #31

I try to do that…buuut I always freak out and mess up when fighting players I hope to impress >~<
But thanks for the advice regardless, still got Cam to play with at the least, guess I’ll just settle with him, ugh (messing with you @HandsomeCam :stuck_out_tongue: <3)


(Penguin connoisseur.) #32

That’s it… You are sleeping on the couch tonight…


(RelatingThrone) #33

Cam why, I wub you please bb


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I know a great couples therapist.

His name is Rolf

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(Vagrantsun) #35

Crow is an excellent Toby. I’m pointing out, rather, that he’s the only major Toby main who uses slow, and that slowing somebody that attacks by teleporting is a counterproductive pursuit.

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #36

Yeah, i was thinking that it was something else; i’ve been off today…

I thought Fluffy used slows too?


(Vagrantsun) #37

On occasion, but like me, it’s not his first choice IIRC.

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(BM tutor) #38

Fluffy uses slows like .5% of the time


(Penguin connoisseur.) #39

You know, it’s funny… I used to be a slow-Toby myself, but i found myself getting dived and chased so much, that i went out of my way to master the art of the stun-mine. Now it rarely happens, because they know what will happen if they try…

Sniff. It’s beautiful…


(Augustus Benedict) #40

This is why I mastered Ghalt, instead of going to you to dive the Toby, we bring Toby to the team and dive him waaaay out in the middle of the map.