A plea to premades

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I’ve learned to deal with Ghalt to the point where he is a lower spectrum counter to me. Definitely the worst on Monuments though… Shudders.

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If I’d be on mic for that you’d just hear someone panic harder than Toby himself.

Can’t say I’ve gone up against a decent Phoebe in what seems like forever though, regardless of my own character.


On PC, I only know three very good Phoebe players (pretty scary to go against). I’m trying to get a little comfortable with her lately (to have some frontline in my repertoire - other than my disgraceful Galilea), but I have still much to learn and many problems with her to solve. She’s one of those with a pretty high skill floor in my opinion (especially in Incursion) and I’ve never been too surprised about not seeing too many good players with her.

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How does the topic of this thread transforms into an ego boosting theme of “good players playing certain characters”. Most of the amazing players have stopped playing this game… of course you will see very few in the past couple of months.

Premades always hurt the community of this game. I don’t blame these players entirely. After all they are only using one of the flaw features of this game into their advantage. Newcomers/low skilled players have no room to improve themselves in this game, now more than ever.

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Not on PS4.

Hooold on now… This^ is a generalization, and it is false. Quite a few pre-mades play with friends, and don’t run cancerous comps, because they don’t care if they win, so long as they have fun. I should know, because i number among them…

Sure they do! I got stomped flat repeatedly back before the winter update, with or without a team; i stuck it out. It is definitely a lot harder for new players now though, you are correct; it’s harder to improve when you are fighting mostly vets.

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Because premades are made of people who know each other, and might also even play a specific character enough to get good at it.

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if any of these “amazing” players stopped playing this game-then clearly-they are not amazing.

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To be fair they could also just be bored.

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I thought that’s what we were unless we bumped into each other or played skrims/10 mans?


What’s the generalization you are getting from my post? I’m describing a system while you’re describing a motive. It doesn’t matter why the premades were created, they are all using a flaw mechanic of this game. The system that allows these premades to be matched against pubs and newcomers in the public queue. Most abuse such feature regardless of the motives and that along hurts the whole community. A plea won’t do anything. Only the devs can resolve such issue and that will never happen at this point.

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We who play in premades prefer to call it playing with friends. We are solid players who hated playing with teammates who make poor decisions at poor times. We have been over the premades debate many of times. While no premade is perfect we have reduced the amount of dumb choices and maximized coordination due to playing with each other for near a year.

It is not a busted mechanic, or flawed one for that matter, it is a team-based shooter with MOBA aspects. We simply adapted and had fun at the same time.

I am only speaking from my usual group’s perspective.

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Again, you’re describing a motive. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that premades go against pubs, or newcomers. It’s a flawed mechanic because premades should NEVER go against these opponents. Other games don’t allow that because of the exact bad consequences it provides to the community.

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Plenty of other games allow groups of friends to play with one another the difference is that they are more successful than battleborn so there are more people playing it to break between groups where as Battleborn doesn’t have the player base to compensate for this. Game failure isn’t a mechanic


True but broken mechanics such as this premade vs newcomers/pubs can lead to game failure.

What makes a game to be successful? One of the main actions is the ability to attract and retrain players. You can’t have the latter if the existing players are pushing new players away with the unbalanced matchups. What allows such act to exist? An flawed system!

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That all pre-mades are automatically better than a group of randoms. My friends and i are running around doing our own thing half the time, some of us drunk. There have been PLENTY of times that i have been beaten by randoms while in a full pre-made, and there have also been times where i’ve beaten pre-mades with randoms. Playing with a group of friends doesn’t automatically make your team stronger, and that is the generalization that is false. If anything, my friends and i win because we are above-average players who know how to play, and back when solo-duo was out, i saw several matches where being paired with people i knew as randoms resulted in a stronger team than two pre-mades of two friends on the opposite team; we weren’t even communicating…

Then your problem lies with the ELO and matchmaking, not pre-mades. I see the miscommunication now. That’s a fish of a diffrent color!

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It’s also because you’re going against pub members that are less experienced/coordinated. That’s my point, a well form coordinated premade team should never go against a pub group that are not together with proper communication (not just verbal).

Yes, most of the problem derives from the matchmaking system that allows such unbalanced matches like premade vs newcomers to take place. It’s also towards players that abuse such system due to their own motives as opposed to looking out for the overall health of the game/community.

Anyways, there’s no point in derailing this discussion. Even though players can help in resolving part of the problem, to fix the overall issue is up to the devs. Battleborn is coming to an end with the updates and so is the chance to resolve this never ending broken mechanic that premades tend to abuse.

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This^ was my point. My friends and i aren’t coordinated; we hear it all the time from those better than us. So, no, not all pre-mades are unintentionally using a “broken mechanic” to their advantage, if they aren’t coordinated enough as players. You can’t take any group of players who know each other, stick them in a pre-made, and call them coordinated. And i agree that pre-mades shouldn’t be paired against low-levels; but that is the fault of Battleborn’s matchmaking.

Abuse is a strong word, and it typically requires that motive you mentioned to be viewed as such. If the motive is to run cancerous comps to win at any cost, or purposely using communication to farm low-levels, then i definitely call forming a pre-made to do so, abuse. If it is to play with friends and have fun, then i wouldn’t; especially if your group goes out of their way to be merciful and NOT ruin the low-levels’ experience by farming them.

Care to elaborate? I thought we were discussing pre-mades, and how they get paired against low-levels… You know what does that? Matchmaking. You can’t tell friends to stop playing with each other in a game that is team-based; you can only try and fix the problem that leads to imbalanced matches (again, matchmaking), and appeal to the players in the pre-mades to take it easy on low-levels and limit themselves for a more balanced match. I strongly advocate the latter, as it is too late to fix the matchmaking at this point, sadly…

For what it is worth, i would love to see public Vs. Draft or Solo/Duo return, which heavily limited pre-mades and cancerous comps in their short life-span as queues.

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What do you mean by this? Just curious

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Yes! shame to the people who play this game how it was intended as a team based shooter! ■■■■ those guys they’re ruining the game!

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Smoke signals duh