A plea to premades


They should know the basics by now. That discussion. Is for another topic

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Well I’m only asking because sometimes just looking at someone is enough communication :joy:

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But in all seriousness there are average and below average players who take instruction from veterans and high level players as either too critical or too personal and actively antagonize or ignore or do bad because they simply don’t want to be helped.

I can pull people as Ghalt until the cows come home or rack up stellar Bennedict KDRs all day, but purposefully toxic teammates are a main reason why I and many others do not feel bad about getting into premades. Not only are they friends, but when we screw up, we can take constructive criticism.

Ransoms can be so hard headed and focused on making sure nobody tells them what to do that they intentionally sabotage things, or unintentionally so.

I had a Kelvin yelling at me after he went 0 and 7 on meltdown because I was pleading for help on the left side because I needed his stun to make kills happen so we could push waves. We had a kleese I kept asking to come back so I could help defend him from getting jumped. Little did I know Kelvin chose the slow. I get barked at for asking for help in protecting our kleese from our top tier character from a bad choice making Kelvin who in turn blames me for causing us to lose.

THAT is why premades exist. We were done with random’s ego BS about half a year ago

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All the Toby talk and you’re forgetting that the real Toby mains use the pull mines

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We don’t talk about those…

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That’s because only the real Toby mains talk about them

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To say bad things!

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I have four clips of using pre-nerf pull mines and Double Hug to sling people off the map. Aside from that, not really. The pull velocity change screwed that helix bad.

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I can only think of one good Phoebe player, and he gets consistently target banned for her in Meltdown and occasionally Incursion depending on map and players.

I tried to get good with her myself a while back. Fun to play, belongs to my weakest archetype, strong and few players play her. She ticked all the boxes there so it’d made sense to learn her, though I haven’t played her a lot recently as much as I should’ve admittedly.

@Ashbweh has a good Phoebe as well, and I haven’t seen @supernovasnipe’s, but I take it that’d be quite good as well given he’s a fill as well.

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Awh shucks :slight_smile:

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Basically every character is weak on me, so this doesn’t really matter too much.

What I like about Phoebe: She is one of the few characters who has many viable playstyles. I’ve had some kind of success when playing her with a disruptor/tanky-ish build, I know others who play her as a more offensive frontline and I know someone who plays her as very aggressive assassin and is quite successful with it. Teamcomp (both sides) is important of course, but she isn’t really someone who only has one build that stands out.

On topic: This whole stomping debate always was basically preaching to the choir. Usually the only ones you reach with those are people who play with friends to avoid the frustration random teammates can be (surrender spammers, quitters, rude people, …). I did the same when public games were still a thing on PC and mostly just because I wanted to have someone with me I could chat with while waiting for a match. When we offset balance with that, we had our ways of dealing with that (if anyone would’ve seen my pre buff El Dragon, they would’ve known I was throwing hard by picking him … I also ignored any enemy player pretty often and only focused objective to balance it out). I still sometimes felt guilty and our group sizes bacame smaller until it reached a point where I was solo queueing and only disappointed my randoms from now on, because I’m really not able to carry a team by myself. Was I ever a problem? I think not, not even when I was grouped up with others.

There are stomp teams out there and they play to ruin as many people’s moods as possible. This are usually not those who actively participate in discussions on the forum and offer help to random strangers they find in the game. The only thing a topic like that achieves is to make them laugh and carry on with running cancer comps in pubs and get a kick out of every ragequit.

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Is this a premade problem or a random solo problem?

Three matches in a row started at 3vs5. Each time the team of five players taunted most if not all kills. They also had recognizable names. What gives?

Is this a game problem or an individual problem? I don’t understand. What can help the game last longer over all? Developer influence?

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I’d say both. Individual problem at its core which is enabled by the game itself.

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There are numerous 5-mans at least on ps4. Each has their own “code” of conduct or behavior that is unsaid. Depending on who you run into, you get 5 man group taunted. There are players known for their poor sportsmanship or good sportsmanship. There are certain players that the community has recognized as “taunt on sight” I know Mew5 and SpecialdragoonJ are chief among them. These two are known for their poor conduct in game. Certain 5 mans have their own players who they “hate” and taunt no matter what (I know I am probably on someone’s list somewhere) .

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There’s also a few players with their own personal taunt lists :stuck_out_tongue:


That is interesting. I mean considering we are in a rather small pond…why do these “big fish” feel the need to bother lesser players. Can this be stopped with developer intervention or is that just the gist of online play?

Beat and taunt those you can…if you can’t well, then don’t play?

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Many reasons why premades do this. Like Ash mentioned. Certain members of 5 mans remember players/randoms who did something to them (performed poorly, taunted them or on mic openly was rude to them) @vagrantsun is the grand daddy of recognizing who is who on ps4. So you taunt him at your own risk.

Regardless of how you feel about taunting personally, the higher level players , fir the most part, take taunting to some level of seriousness . you taunt one of them then you put a target on your back that only goes away when the 5 man decides to let you off the hook.

If you are a taunter, doesn’t matter if you are low or high tier player, and you know someone on the other team is high profile and they are with their squad, you should be prepared to facedown the entire team of high profile players throughout the game or beyond.

The high profile players, usually, don’t taunt unless taunted. There are a few who taunt everything . the premades primarily, unless there is bad blood, don’t taunt each other when they play.


So do I have bad blood with everyone? How does this work?

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I don’t know your gamertag. I could only tell you where you stood in my eyes and give a guess as to what my playgroup would think of you. You could have different reputation between different premades. But if you wanted to know PM I think is best. The upper tier player list mainly consists of competitive league and some 5-mans who did not participate/were not invited.