A plea to premades


I play this game 95% solo. When the obvious 4 or 5 mans come up, I try my best and when it goes as expected and we get stomped, it’s no surprise and not the end of the world. I feel like people who get mad at this have egos to sustain. It’s always a challenge and you can play another 1,000 games afterward if you wish. The best games are close, some you will get stomped, some you will stomp them. Just enjoy the game for what it is.

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cough Jarezze cough Seriously though, I’d never not taunt that guy. He’s brought it on himself more times than I can count.

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Haha I was JUST about to say exactly this. (Honestly it’s kinda freaky) Yeah tho, at the end of the day, this is a video game and my main focus is the have fun. I rate myself as a below average to mediocre player and I play this game solo about 95% of the time as well. Their are only about 2 to 3 premades I always recognize and when I see them at this point I just don’t care. Have as much fun as you can and just enjoy yourself. All of my favorite characters excluding Alani, really aren’t that good(Beatrix, Kleese, Reyna) and I’ve been consistently asked not to play them when going against said premades but those are the characters I enjoy the most so Idrc honestly. Premades are just something you learn to deal with or if you really think it’s that bad, just dodge. I’ve never done it, but if getting creamed by 5 man’s hurts you that much then just don’t deal with it.

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Since IGhost and the guys moved over to Paragon, I honestly don’t see anymore premades that’s actually a problem anymore. Solo queue is frustrating, but if you know you’re doing your best and you’re having fun getting some kills, playing your favorite character, etc. then the frustration starts to dial down and you’ll enjoy yourself more. Just focus on having fun rather than “I HAVE TO WIN EVERY GAME!”(Not to say that’s what you necessarily saying, sorry if it came off that way.)

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Even though I disagree about the premades ruining this game(I mean for crying out loud MY 5 man I have to BEG them to come play with me), there seems to be no middle ground indeed. My brother, who introduced and bought this game for me because he realized how much I loved it, doesn’t EVER play this game unless I beg him to come over and join me and bring his friends with him. He always tells me that he feels like in Battleborn there’s no middle ground either your against a bunch of low levels or your getting stomped by a premade and though I know he still loves the game I feel guilty about making him and his friends come over because you can tell while we’re on mics that they just don’t enjoy it much anymore. It’s a shame too, to this day I’ve never seen a Phoebe as good as my brother(and I’ve seen some good ones), but no one ever sees it but me and the 32 killed Battleborn he just slaughtered without dying…of course XD. Poor things. Science is f**cked up.

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Yeah, the League made sniping the PC Squad a daily activity. I don’t regret that. Toxic behavior should be appropriately applauded.


At least there are not many left by now. Battleborn always had the problem that it couldn’t retain the mid tier population very well. There are new players (even on PC, I still can find CR 1-10 in Bots Battle, when I try to finish my dailies), then there is a huge emptiness until you get to players who already played for 500 hours and much more.

Games like Battleborn imho need a somewhat slower paced natural progression from “noob to pro”. There’s many things you struggle with when you just started playing (gameplay mechanics, gear, mutation unlocks, gameplay strategies, …) and games can become very meta heavy and fast paced. I personally know how frustrating it can become if you go against a pentastun team. I know how it feels like when you are the weak link or an important role of a team and get hard focused by the whole enemy team all the time. I know how it feels like when you thought you can play a character and then you end up in a match where he/she/it is completely useless and you get flamed by your teammates because of playing bad or picking something stupid. I know how it feels when you are in a match and watch the others basically play the game for you, because everything that needs to be done is already done before you are even near them.

I often just end up in games where I’m the only scrub. I really try to play a good game then to not disappoint anyone, but very often I just play much worse as usual then because I’m too focused on not scewing up something that I screw up plenty of other things instead. This can become frustrating, this can hurt your self-confidence and this makes people stop playing when they feel like the more they play the worse they get.

In a nutshell: This game gets too competitive too fast.

I’ve played games shortly after release where I’ve won against five stacks with a bunch of solo queuers and those were the ones I felt really proud of. I don’t have any problems when part of our tens is in Voice Chat and I’m not (unless it’s Meltdown, because those are stomps galore if you have a team who calls out lane switching against one that doesn’t). Premades imho aren’t the worst issue, the skill gap between players is.

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I remember a magical queue full of wonder and balance, where even casual pre-mades could have a hard-fought and fun match against the strongest players, and occasionally even win.

It was beautiful…

Now it is just a beautiful memory


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It’s not that anything really changed except for some people, the complained about premades that are well known, got better as time went on. It is just like any game. There are some who play casually and stay in a less competitive status and there are those that practiced and practiced learning the INS and outs of the game in order to be the best.

So in short, some of us wanted it more than others and the results show.

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Well, there IS also the difference in free time and life’s factors, but i overall agree. Still, i was talking about the fact that Draft led to the most balanced matches against all skill levels that i and the majority of players i talk to have ever seen.

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That is of no fault to said top tier players. There shouldn’t be modes or matchmaking queues to separate or punish players who are good and friends with one another, just because solo players want to win or tip lobbies favor. That’s not fair to those people who had the time and skill to be good at the game. The whole “premades are killing the game” is starting to sound like complaining from a solo players that, apologies if it sounds cold, should get better or stop complaining about it. Gearbox made it clear at winter update that their care for their own creation dwindled. (If they did care then characters and mechanics like gear wouldn’t go months as broken, over powered or unplayable. When you make a multiplayer centered game, you have to be elbow deep in patches and fixes until the community says you are done, otherwise, well you have seen the results multiple times)

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I… Never said it was…

Punishment? Really? Where did i say that anyone should be forced to play it? It’s a mode that i and many others- including quite a few top-tier players, mind you -want to see return. That’s it. No one is advocating for anyone else to be forced to play anything.

You didn’t read my opinions on pre-mades, but that’s okay. I agree that certain players being merciless, and not pre-mades, are the problem. Oh, and just in case you were thinking that was an attack on you… It’s not; i haven’t played you more than maybe four times total.


I don’t blame premades for ruining the game entirely. Most of the blame I’m placing it on the rightful culprit. The system itself that allows such broken feature to exist against newcomers, low levels and pub groups. Just like in the real world, there are teams that project great sportsmanship while there’re others that could care less about anything else than themselves.

Part of the blame is towards those premades that enjoy pubstomping to the pointt of taunting low levels, sending them innapriapiate messages and stalling matches to get more kill counts. Let’s not forget, they also have the audacity to get upset if the opppnents vote for surrender, leave or go afk on an one sided match (even one that was determined before the match even began).

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My apologies, I just kinda typed in the short spot I had while on lunch at work on a phone ^^;

“That doesn’t make us friends or anything either Toby.”

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It’s cool; i was wondering where you were coming from, as if i was attacking you and pre-mades in general. The problem in pre-mades is the same as it is in every game: Player mentality. If you get a bunch of low-level farming dicks in a pre-made, it makes all pre-mades look bad, when most are just groups of friends, however skilled.

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I didn’t mean to sound attacking of you personally for your thoughts on the topic, I meant my reply as more of a general, personal opinion about the premade debate.

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Are you saying we should snipe paragon now?

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It’d be much harder cuz they have a bigger playerbase but all the more to ya :smiley:

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Paragon would be good if V42 didn’t exist and matchmaking wasn’t bad.