A plea to the devs in regards to matchmaking and leaderboards

this post is in regards to skill based matchmaking and leaderboards. i assume this is already decided, but in the event that it isn’t, i would like to add my two cents.

firstly, i would like to add my experience with skill based matchmaking. i am not a CoD player, but it was tested very briefly and failed miserably. I have more time in Destiny than 99.9999999 percent of the world, most of which being in pvp. It was recently prioritized over other factors in matchmaking. It has literally all but completely ruined the experience of many, MANY players. Obviously this game will have dedicated servers, so prioritizing connection won’t be as much of an issue. But connection, or lack thereof, is not what has made sbmm an utter failure in Destiny. it is just sbmm itself that has been a nightmare. It undermines any element of fun. If i want to sweat my ass off, then let me sweat my ass off when i choose to. Please, PLEASE do not force me to sweat every single game. If you are going to implement skill into the matchmaking, then use a smart matchmaking system that puts some good players with some bad players or new players, and mix them up. It works much better than trying to tier players and group them against each other. A simple ranked/unranked playlist completely solves the problem.

In regards to leaderboards and viewable individual statistics:
I guess leaderboards could work, but ONLY if there is a ranked playlist. viewable individual stats is a terrible idea. it completely detracts from the main purpose of the game: to have fun. players then play for their statistics, rather than to have fun or play as a team. in destiny, everyone can view everyone elses stats at all times. all it creates is constant insults to one another based on statistics. i have done it, i have had it done to me. literally not one good thing has ever come as a result.

just my two cents

Can agree with the ranked/unranked demand for stated reasons.

Somewhat skillbased matchmaking is a neccesity though, or else there will be a few players stomping every game, while the noobs slowly lose interest because they don’t even have the chance to play.

that’s why you have ranked and unranked playlists, though. then you can have the sbmm in the ranked playlist, and no sbmm in the casual playlist. when i was new to destiny they had some element of sbmm involved, but its effect was very minimal. games were always hit or miss. sometimes you played sweaty bastards, and sometimes you didn’t. usually there was one or two strong players on each team, and then it went downhill from there, but on both sides. i suppose this is a form of sbmm, but it is different from the type that i really am pleading with them not to have.

if the mm only places you with and against players in your skill level, EVERY game is a sweaty match. you can never just sit back and have fun again. it happened in CoD and they basically instantly removed it. they did it in destiny and it is all anyone has talked about for about 6 months now. if a .5-.8 kd type player only plays against players of his skill level, he will probably stay bad because he can get away with xyz and still maybe even do well. if he plays against better players sometimes, he might break away from xyz…

Yes you can, because people don’t play consistently, try new heroes, gamemodes or builds, or just mess around. Every game is a mixture of those factors for every single player, and that’s why SbMm is just the rough frame that it needs to be somewhat fair.