A polite request to the community

I’d just like to politely ask people consider reading or using the search option before making another new topic, Over the last few weeks the same ideas/complaints/suggestions have all been made again and again like its some competition to get the most views.

Already today ive seen 2 new threads about the price drop in the sale, sevveral about level cap, several about people not getting to play alani because someone else chose her, and several about having multiple heros in a pvp match.

It really cannot take to much time out of your day to look at the pages see the topic exist and make your comment on that one.


Great suggestion! I should start a new topic to discuss it further… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, people, listen to @viracon91 and use the search function


And if you do find duplicate threads, just flag them, and we’ll merge where appropriate…thanks.


Great request. Duplicate threads are merged by mods like @Psychichazard but it’s a big job so we should all help as much as we can to make it easier for them.

Also if it’s a suggestion, check if it’s already on my Battleborn Suggestion Megathread first: Battleborn Suggestion Megathread 2.0 If it is it likely means a thread already exists for it.

Hopefully one day I’ll get around to adding links to the relevant threads/posts on there but until then use search. If it’s on the list, you’ll find it somewhere. :wink:

Absoutly doesn’t hurt to help them out and save 'em some time :slight_smile: thanks for linking the mega thread too!