A possible solution for matchmaking?

Hey there folks! As we all know, matchmaking is getting a lil’ rough nowadays with wait times sometimes exceeding 15 mins (for PvP at least, although I hear PvE is getting difficult as well) and I thought of something that might help, maybe? Anyways, here it is:

Mission of the Day:
Every day, a different PvE mission would be featured. You could queue for it directly (an option on top of the usual public random queue) and you would earn small bonuses for playing it (increased xp and/or credits). Queues would be naturally faster for this mission since a lot of people would be playing it and it would rotate daily, so no time to get bored with it.

PvP Roulette:
Much like the Mission of the Day, PvP roulette would be a 4th option added to the 3 modes that queues you for all 3. A small bonus in credits could also be offered as an incentive to use the PvP roulette mode, on top of the shorter queues. And people who don’t want to use it can still queue for their preferred mode.


Reply to PVE:
Love it! I would enjoy this for those who need that one last mission to get going and can never seem to get a vote for it!

Reply to PVP:
I don’t think the matching is entirely problematic at the finding teamates stage. It seems almost harder to find an opposing team. The game SEEMS to place 5 players randomly together, regardless of skill level (or maybe loosely), and then attempt to find a team whose skill level approximately matches that of yours (which is oddly specific and fails with a small player base). Though I’d love to hear a dev actually explain the system and perhaps tell the current flaw since this is my speculation based on the fact I generally see approximately the same composition on my team as the enemy team regardless of how varying the levels are.

From this, your solution would help to find a team of 5, but unless that team of 5 was made in the roulette queue and then entered against a random team of 5 in some other queue, the issue would remain…

Nonetheless thanks for trying to be part of the solution! They actually had a gamemode ~similar~ to this in beta (competetive) where a group of players would decide what mode to play after being matched.

Battleborn NEEDS dailies. I continued to play both Destiny and the Division just to do the daily missions. Even DM mode would be great. Just have some servers always playing so people can jump into a game without having to wait 20 minutes for teammates.


I feel like I did a poo job in explaining my idea for the PvP Roulette, apologies for the poor choice of words. I’ll give an example of what I have in mind:

Assuming the system would retain the skill-based matchmaking and also prioritize based on time spent waiting in queue, let’s say there’s 3 groups forming of equal skill level, one in each mode. The Meltdown Group has 2 people and has been waiting for 8 minutes. The incursion group has 4 people and has been waiting for 10 mins. The Capture group has 1 person and has been waiting for 5 mins. A group of 3 people queues for the roulette. The Incursion group has been waiting the longest but the 3 people can’t fit in, so they would get matched with the Meltdown group instead.

If that’s too complicated, then perhaps we could just have a PvP daily mode where one chosen mode gives small bonuses to encourage more people to play it.

Interesting! I like it.

I do find that these ELO ratings seem pointless. How can I be equal to a rank 2’s ELO score? Lol. These ELO ratings are what’s hurting everyone and what would harm the ideas mentioned. There’s not enough players or there’s not enough balance to the ELO ratings. If they work on the whole ranking system for queues then I think it would solve a lot of problems. I don’t mind playing with newbies so long as I also see some on the other team lol. People get so bothered by being paired up with people of lower command rank because they think it means something, but it doesn’t express someone’s skill. However you can tell right off that rank 1-10 are very inexperienced.

There are too many ranks in the ELO ratings or something. Idk how that works but if there is a good amount of people playing then there should be quicker matchups. By the sounds of it the servers are trying to pair up similar ELO ratings and there’s not enough balance in the ELO scoring to handle equal matchmaking.

Hey, dailies, brilliant! “Kill X number of battleborns”, “complete X number of missions” “Kill X number of minions”. So many possibilites and they could be randomized every day so you don’t always do the exact same thing over and over.

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I like these ideas. :slight_smile:

The PVE one is great, it’s may get more people playing this mode (I play story missions but not daily).

PVP roulette is essentially quick play, something I’ve suggested before (though my suggestion was to replace them other modes). Having this as an additional option is a great idea.

I’ve tagged @Jythri and @JoeKGBX just in case they haven’t seen this suggestion.

It’s @Jythri if you want to tag the Creative Director of Battleborn.

Thanks, corrected in my post. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions!

I wouldn’t really consider “dailies” a solution for matchmaking, necessarily. It’s just something really cool to keep me coming back and hitting a short-term specific goal. I’d love to do it. It’s on my list for things I’d like to roll in post-launch.

As for the roulette pool (and ideas like it - queuing for multiple pools, a quick queue that puts you in the fastest pool)…these are also things we’re working towards, but have no current ETA.

Great ideas, though.

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