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Fellow Battleborn, out of the chars you’ve so far managed to master, which 1 do you continue

  • and enjoi the most - to play?

I have Montana, Miko, Rath and Alani (Alani at rank 15 + all lore xcept killing Ambra 25 times which I refuse)
in the box, and a bit to my own surprise, I find that Miko is the 1 (equal parts because I r-o-c-k as Miko :dukestar: /
team thinks I suck the least as Miko :dukegoof:)

What about you?

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I mastered Orendi as first task and it was veeeeery hard to let go after that. I played now 80+ mission with her and its still hard to take another character :smile:
My second now is Phoebe, I mastered her today (finally Addonexus!!!) and I really LOVE her. I was worried since she was so much nerfed during the CTT, but she rocks. Even if she is a shallow floating Disney-Princess.

I still cannot decide what to play next. Had a few rounds with Miko, she is great. Shayne & Aurox are also cool, but I geuss I´ll turn back to O & P every now and then :heart:


Mastered Rath, Deande, Thorn, and have all lore done for my level 13 Orendi.

If I had to pick one, I would choose Deande <3

However I have trouble just sticking to her as I love them all.

Rath I love to play when the team DPS is low and support is high. Lots of kills and feeling badass.
Thorn is the one I like least of them, for a while I enjoyed her most anytime team wave clear was low, then I discovered Orendi.
Deande I love anytime the team has plenty of tanky health, people who can hold the line work VERY well with Deande.
Orendi is now my wave clear specialist. Loving her quite a bit, especially once I have my Orendi Specific legendary and two movement speed gear all activated. “Satanic Sonic the Hedgehog” is the proper name as someone pointed out.

Deande <3

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:older_man: Kleese! :older_man:
Because as a mostly solo player he has flexibility I need to steamroll any mission. Isic, Miko, & Oscar Mike are tied for second. Honestly though, I’ve played every character and I really enjoy most of them.

However, I’m not a fan of Benedict, Ambra, or Whisky Foxtrot. I find them… underwhelming.:expressionless:

After raising many characters to lv12 (for the last mutation), I’ll say Orendi, at least for the campaign mode. Amazing powerfull skills with a recast time you can skip in many ways. A safe choice for the advanced mode.

In versus, like we said: if you want a job done right, do it yourself. So I use to play a lot of support characters as Reyna, Alani and Ambra all lv12 because I see too much players playing support but… not support.
When at the end of the battle, your Miko is the top killer and did three time less healing than the ennemi’s Miko, there’s a problem (and the guy was lv100)… and we loose off course.
So it’s hard for me to pick only one character in versus. I adapt to the situation and even after reaching lv93, there’s still characters I didn’t try (Isic, Galilea and Miko).

After 351 hours with Thorn, Benedict, Oscar Mike, Deande and Ghalt…
Mikey and Deande are the goto when doing Advanced missions.

Oscar Mike with the Space Laser definitely does the most damage.

I literally had the same characters as you. Orendi, which just needs one more level, was my favorite character who i would have mastered if I hadn’t found phoebe.

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They are both so nicely fast! Orendi is by far my favourite though, already had a Master Of Orendi in the Beta, for like one mission :smile:
I don´t understand why so many choose Rath while they dislike Phoebe… Her ranged attack is not that great, but the gameplay is so much choatic fun!

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“officially” Mastered Phoebe recently, first master. I had the Master for quite some time thanks to the bug, but I refused to consider I was actually Master of Phoebe :stuck_out_tongue:
Other than that, I don’t really care about mastering since it requires rank 15 and I’d rather start trying new things once I hit 12 with the others and unlocked all mutations!

So I’ve got Kelvin, Ambra, and Benedict at 12. Oscar Mike isn’t too far behind. Not sure where to go from there to be honest… Kleese, Reyna, Montana for a ranged “tank”, maybe wrap up Marquis … ?

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My favs are Reyna & Deande. I’m starting to favor Deande a little more so I mostly stick w/ her. When playing with randoms I mostly play with Deande since she can pick her fights. With Reyna, I find it kinda hard to level up in the beginning and mostly people I try to stick with/help run away leaving her for easy picking & I get tired of that

I still have a few heroes to master or at least to try hard, but I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to use Marquis, Mike and sometimes Montana despite I’ve already mastered them. Marquis is perfect for raid-style missions, Mike is great against enemy waves and Montana ensures the victory in The Saboteur. The place for a fun character is open. I’d wish Mellka had more ranged aoe…

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The one PVP match was to get the last bit of Shayne and Aurox’s lore. I still need 12 more grabs.

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You should ask GBX to refound you half of the price of the game when we see your career (which is weird in some way).

I don’t get it. What did you mean by this?

I mean Gulfwulf has virtually only played in campaign mode in 222 hours gaming. So it seems he doesn’t need the other half part of the game : the versus.

@Gulfwulf is just saving the best for last … :dukeparty: