A prediction based on the recent hotfixes

Lately there have been a lot of adjustments to legendaries, specifically buffs to make more of them viable ahead of Mayhem 2.0, and in today’s patch notes they said “We’re looking to go over each of the Vault Hunters to identify any inconsistencies in gameplay. Some of these concerns will have to be addressed via patches, but for issues such as incorrect values being listed, we’re able to adjust in hotfixes.” i.e. They will not just be adjusting and buffing specific weapons but various elements of the game including vault hunters.

As I’m looking at all this, I’m thinking we’re going to be getting a significant patch soon, one similar to the November one where Moze, Zane and Fl4k got notable buffs. I suspect it will drop with or shortly before Mayhem 2.0 and the reason we haven’t had such a patch recently is because there would be no point making significant adjustments to the current version of the game when they are about to totally overhaul how difficulties work in endgame. It also involves deeper work than switching some numbers around.

I personally hope we get buffs to such things as Fl4k’s pets, Amara’s melee, broken skills in various trees, additional healing for Moze, mods other than Seein’ Red for Zane and some overall work on grenades but that’s just me.

What do you guys think? Am I putting 2 and 2 together and making 6 or could I be onto something?

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Wait, did you say Moze got buffed?

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Yes, I think they’re preparing the guns so they’re viable in mayhem 10, but we don’t have that much info of Mayhem 2.0, but it looks like it’s going to be very difficult in the higher difficulties.
But yeah, something big is coming for sure.
I hope that GB does this right, because if we have balance issues in Mayhem 2.0 they’re going to piss a lot of people.

People gonna hate me for saying this but Amara needs some QOL/buffs too.

Specifically, all actions skills under the green tree should count as Phaseslam for anoints.

Also Phaseslam in general should count as a normal slam, so that it can proc slam effects from artifacts.

And reduce the cooldown of Phaseslam and Phasecast slightly so that good builds can spam all of them like Phasegrasp.

Buff everything TBH. Make it all OP. No more nerfs. The only nerf I agree with is Pipe Bomb, maybe ION Cannon. Flak and Moze nerfs should be reverted somewhat.

Now here’s a question does her phaseslam mod where she goes airborne with the beam attack and does a slam at the end count as a actual slam? I only tried to use that once and hit the ceiling so I never tried it again…

IDK I would like this skill to get reworked somehow. Maybe she just shoots the elemental beam out of her chest while standing and you aim like a gun. That would be fun.

To be clear what we want is sustainability that works in True Takedown solo like Zane’s. If Zane is the exception, then nerf his mod lol (sorry). We just dont want some kind of healing. It needs to be something that can sustain us in solo True Takedown. Otherwise the current Moze is ok if we are just doing M4 normal story.


I like Downfall as a concept but yeah it’s sort of not so great in practice. It leaves you really vulnerable while also needing you to put yourself right in the middle of a enemy groups on top of that. It’d be cool if you could direct the beam like you said or maybe if it had a knockback/knock-up chance when it hit an enemy. I’m not sure what could work but a bunch of her AS augments need to be looked at imo

No one needs that, Moze has plenty of ways to do the takedown I’d hate to see her get sucked into a one build meta.

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In particular, the ability to change her element on the fly would be a great QoL improvement.

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“NO ONE” is definitely not true lol.

Yes, Moze has plenty of ways except this one. We are not asking you to choose this one either. Feel free to pick any of those ways you prefer but definitely none of those are comparable to Zane’s.

No one is not true that is correct I’m glad you missed that :blush:

Why does every character need an easy mode? It ruins Co op.

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I’m glad you accepted your mistake because definitely your no one statement is incorrect.

Why? Ask GB why they made that for Zane. Don’t ask me lol

No there was no mistake.

That’s a different question all together bruh.

Well no point discussing with your troll reasoning then. I’ll move on. You win.

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You seemed to have trouble understanding my two points any ways, no hard feelings.


Hope they get rid of dominance give Fl4k a new capstone other than that mostly just want skills fixed and some more Qol stuff. Oh and buffs or complete removal from the loot pool for the useless class mods nobody ever touches like Rakk commander.

Fl4k need a new cap stone for his pet tree, something that make the pet scale with the actual damage you do.

The point of end game content is to make super build, with perfect scaling, we need something to make pet build worth it : Either the pet build end up buffing your VH by the same amount as the other, and it’s not a pet build, or you can do a mix of the both and make your pet damage reflect a % of the damage your VH does, helping the pet melt face

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