A problem with Skill Activation Style I ran into on console

Hello gearbox and hello random forum user!

I ran into an issue while playing Battleborn on PS4, I played Shayne&Aurox with the activation style: ‘Quick’.

For anyone who does not know what I am talking about, the quick activation lets you aim a skill while holding the correspondent button, and trigger it by releasing the button. That way you can aim skills when you need to, and quickly press a button if you need to activate the skill immediately.

The problem is that the 3rd skill, the ultimate, is on the triangle button. The other 2 skills are on R1 and R2.
Now if the 3rd skill is aimable, and you use the quick activation, you would have to hold triangle and aim with the right stick. It is really hard to do that, you would have to hold the controller differently, something like holding triangle with your index finger while using the right stick with your thumb.

Now you ask me, why don’t I just change the settings back to normal? It’s simply because I’ve done way better in games with the quick style. I’m just way faster and not every Battleborn has an aimable ultimate, it would not be worth it to change it back, in my opinion.

So what could we do to fix this? Maybe make it so that aimable ultimates on controller layouts still act like on the normal activation style, I mean, I can’t think of a situation where somebody would not want to have that on their quick activation style. You would just have to press the button 2 times, maybe give the player the option if they want that. Of course the ‘instant’ activation style should not have this.

Alright, thanks for listening! I hope this issue gets solved somehow. Maybe there is just something I am missing, I’d be happy to be taught.