A problem with the mod launcher

i wont even feign to know whats going on but here is a summary

i of course instantly downloaded the complex mod from the steam workshop after i finished loading up homeworld remastered. and i played it for like 3 hours straight. i come back to try and launch it but i CANT. it doesnt even start up. its just like it simply crashes before startup. not even a black screen.

then i try to turn on the vanilla game to be sure both classic and remastered version i can play no problems what so ever

so maybe its the mod? instead i load up another mod home-front from the steam workshop i get in JUUUUSSST fine.

then i think maybe there’s a problem with the complex mod? so i unsubscribe and resubscribe and its still doing the same thing.

i look around abit i dont see this problem so i start a steam page on it yada yada yada i find a few more people suffering from in. but it doesnt stop there. i ran around the forums and i find other people having this same problem with OTHER mods as well. so if its not mod specific maybe its the launchers problem? perhaps? i dont know i just though i would throw this out there