A 'Professional' Guide to Brick the Berserker, Roland the Soldier & Mordecai the Hunter

Hi I have found a Guide A ‘Professional’ Guide to Lilith an I have look all over for the Other 3 Character’s but had no luck on finding them. I have only found Lilith the Siren guide please help me on this.

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The name of the guide reflects the COM that can only be used by the siren. It does not mean that it’s a professional guide per se.
The Professional is merely a COM like the Firefly, Mercenary or PlagueBearer.

For Brick you might for example find a Blast Master, Titan, or Skirmisher guide. For Mordecai a Sniper guide and so on.

As far as I remember @Frightning has written guides for most BL1 COMs.


What he said. “Professional” is the Dahl com. There’s also “specialist” for maliwan (lilith) “eridian warrior” (lilith)…“sharpshooter” (hyperion/mordecai)…“gunfighter” (jakobs/mordecai)…peacekeeper… (anshin/mordecai)…gunman… (s&s/ roland) champion… (atlas/roland )…patriot… (vladof/roland)…common man (tediore/ brick) baddass… (tourge/brick) tank (pangolin/ brick). I think that’s it but I’m very tired. IMO professional, gunman, and gunfighter are the 3 best ones. Maybe champion but good ones are stupid rare. The others seem pretty lame to me (outperformed easily by common coms). Sharpshooter being the lamest of the bunch. (What’s the point of accuracy if you’re not getting critical buffs, gearbox?!). These coms only appear in the knoxx dlc btw


Is it just me, or are the Corporate Allegiance Specialist COMs INCREDIBLY rare?

I have yet to see one on either of my current gen characters, and I think I only found one in my 3 straight months of Crawmoury / Gift Shop farming back in my PS3 days.

Also, aren’t there Truxican Wrestler COMs?

Final question - where does the term COM originate from? Is it an acronym?

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I have two 660 Specialist CoMs. One with Shield capacity and one with increased clip size. Farm Craw with the clip size one.


You are referring to all loyalty coms or the maliwan Com ? (It’s named specialist). Either way, they only come from designated loot sources, much like pearls. Craw drops them. look it up for more specific info. Also there are 4 more coms in dlc 3…Truxican wrestler. . (Mordys Com for pretending to be Brick- melee dmg and health etc)…Ogre (bricks com for pretending to be commando roland) Marine (rolands com for pretending to be bombadier brick) and specter (Liliths com for pretending to be sniper mordecai). They also have specific sources (Truxican wrestler from the midget Truxican in lockdown palace, etc)



So much of this is new to me!

Is there a complete list of all Class Mods somewhere?

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Wiki. If you have one in mind ask me and I can tell you your options to obtain one

my baby


Class Optimisation Module or something there abouts


61 percent plus weapon damage and 42 percent plus magazine size?!?

Holy shnikies!

jaw drops

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It’s as ridiculous as it looks. I meant to say specialist was one of the better ones, think I forgot to earlier. You didn’t even comment on the most powerful thing on it, the 4 points on Phoenix

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Is Phoenix the one that makes fire bursts when you kill an enemy?

I’ve found Fire to be less and less effective the further you get into Blands games…

Oh yes…and oooooohhh no. Phoenix is ridiculous powerful. Phoenix/ intuition. Like a human pinball of nuclear murderous joy. It even kills drifters. In about 1 second



I usually ignore Elemental and just go for straight raw damage!


I know I grossly underutilize my Phasewalk!

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It’s not raw dmg but it’s definitely cooked dmg. It’s not part of phasewalk either. It’s just a kill skill. Grab a decent anarchy to mind game everything. .kill the 1st weak enemy to start the chain…and then just bounce around. Intuition is crucial for speed. Fire resistant enemies aside…it’s laughably easy to roast everything. If there were 100 bandits…there would be 100 charred screaming bandits. Oh…almost forgot…max out girl power too. It’ll keep your shield up.


Don’t forget step zero of Phoenix - shoot all the barrels, fuel tanks, and other stuff before you run in there…because you WILL set it all off directly next to you.

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