A PSA for poeple picking Miko

Grant i know most here know how to play MIKO. after all we signed up on the boards to talk with others about the game.

but for all those people who pick Miko and think it is Rambo…STOP IT! if you want to be Rambo pick Montana.

stop running in front of me blocking my rockets and trying to take the team on by yourself!

a team suffers for this we think you are going to heal us not troll us.


This goes for Marquis and Thorn as well. Probably Orendi too, but somehow I haven’t run into it as much with her…

Agree with the need for situational awareness and not blocking your allies shots (looking at you Caldarius players), but Miko can dish out decent damage if spec’d that way. A Miko should definitely throw a heal or two your way, but they shouldn’t be forced to be the dedicated healer 100% of the time.


AH i forget this!!!

ill play PVE and they will refuse to snipe the snipers off of high ledges pulls hair out

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I played thorn once, and tried to play back, but people with ISIC and TOBY just kept blocking everything and were always in the way. Very frustrating to try and play and feel like you can’t hit anything because you’re back being blocked.


Actually I think he should… He is the best at the job. Ambra may be a close one, but when there’s only a Miko in the team, it’s his responsability to heal his teammates. They won’t do it without him. That’s just his job, even if he CAN throw kunais at people once in a while when there is nothing to heal like when the game is going particularly well.

doesnt thorn have a helix that lets her shoot through teammates?

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So even if he can be just as effective, if not more, at killing in the hands of a skilled player, he needs to in the playstyle you dictate? I get that most people expect him to dedicated heal and it can lead to trouble when that expectation is not met, but that’s an issue with team communication not playstyle. I’ve seen teams with no support still dominate. Why not let Miko fill a damage role and just off heal as a bonus? As long as your team knows that.

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Ah, if it’s a premade or even just people communicating, it’s something entirely different. I was assuming pug, myself. In public matches, people will see a Miko and expect him to be healing, which is still his main role. It’s not the group that should ask a Miko if he heals, it’s the Miko that should warn he doesn’t. And if people aren’t comfortable with this, either he leaves the role to someone who’d rather use Miko to heal, or he heals.

Group play works both way. And Miko players may like it or not, but his branded role IS that of a healer - which doesn’t exclude understanding groups that may let a Miko player go DPS.

More options for communication beyond mics could also help with that. Would be nice if there was some sort of role system where, when you pick your character, you also choose a role that signifies to the team how you plan on playing that character.

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This I can agree, yeah. The chat window is a bit small, it often can be accessed ( during load screens notably ), it’s annoying.

As for roles I suspect this is a very typical MOBA trait : a specific character implies a specific role. I think the issue with Miko is that he looks like an Hybrid, which is mostly is, but with a lack of support healing character in the game, he can’t really have the luxury of doing anything else than healing. It’s my understanding than one of the new upcoming character is a healer though. So we’ll see !

Dunno, we didn’t get very far in that mission thanks to no one defending the objective, and I haven’t touched thorn again.

I’d just say if you want to run miko as anything other than a healer by all means that’s your choice.
However don’t completely ignore the fact that you can heal regardless of your build. I’ve encountered mikos who don’t heal at all far to often. It wouldn’t kill you to top someone off or rescue someone who’s near death on your team. Throwing down your heal shroom in the middle of a large skirmish isn’t going to take away from your dps-ing and is infinitely more useful than throwing knives all day.

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That… I… Dammit I don’t know how to feel about that comment.

I have the exact opposite problem. When playing as ISIC, I’ve lost count of how many charged shots go point blank into the back of Thorn’s head. I swear she Dives into them sometimes…


Miko heals?

JK. I play Miko and almost do nothing but heal. Similar to your shots being blocked by Mikos, my spores usually hit the back of teammates heads as they run in front of me as I’m tossing it. I think the overall issue is collision. It should either be turned off for teammates or tuned so that its not so wide/high.


Am I the only one who doesn’t regularly have problems with shooting their teammates? I mean, occasionally, sure, but rarely enough to notice… my only real problem is how somehow, magically, minions will surround you and make it so you can’t escape a situation… but I just shoot when teammates aren’t in my way shrug

As far as Miko not healing… seriously, it’s her job. When people are healthy and alright, certainly, do some damage… but when everyone’s standing around clearing the wave or backing down, heal up your teammates. Practically anyone can clear the wave better than Miko, let them clear it, and top them off.

I had a Miko yesterday run off in the middle of a teammate to try to take mid thralls by herself… She used her mushroom on them… our whole team getting thrashed while an ult which could have literally turned everything around was lying by some thralls which I could have cleared easily by myself… that’s just poor play.

If you want to DPS and you don’t want to heal, then don’t pick Miko, that’s like picking Isic and not using wards…

I usually play miko rath and caldarius, when I’m miko I recognize when my kunai with be good to throw, however when I see a minion wave and two Heros bum rushing me and who ever is with me in lane, you better believe I back up and keep my healing beam on my ally. Only stopping to throw down cloud of spores or bailing if it goes south.
Can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood next to a miko while I’m at 1/3rd health begging for a heal, and get the shaft because of kunai spam.

What would you do in that situation if Miko wasn’t standing next to you? Then do that then. It would be different if Miko dealt piddly damage, but a Miko who can aim well with kunai and spore bomb can wreck shop. They should definitely be aware of their teammates and help give them a boost with a shroom or healing aura, but it also not exactly fair to say they have to drop everything and keep you alive, especially considering the stupid risks some people take that get them into those low gealth situations. Key is recognizing whose better suited for the situation ( and not just by character selection but by skill) and supporting that gameplay. I’m not going to stop my wave clear to heal up a montana that returns from running too deep into enemy territory. If you’re playing smart and teleporting when needed, then you shouldn’t need me to heal you up all the time.


I fought a team yesterday that had Miko as their main killer. Miko can go on their own since they know they can run faster and self heal. Forever at the side of our base pecking at the sentry and getting us killed, it was exhausting and I got the surrender vote pretty quick. lol

So your saying I should go stand by the heal station, remove my damage and CC from the fight and potentially just let miko die or bail and let our wave be cleared by the enemy? That’s shoddy team work, let alone playing as miko and thinking R1 is good enough for whom ever is near you.

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