A PvE player's question about Supercharge

I’ve been playing BB, on & off, since its release but only in PvE (single player and co-op). I don’t enjoy playing with or against “randoms”. With the arrival of Supercharge, I might well be able to muster 5 of my friends for 3 vs 3 matches.

I know next to nothing about PvP. I know you can organise a team of friends (is “pre-made” the right term?) but is there any way to ensure two specific teams take part in the same match? Your answers would be gratefully received.

P.S. Whatever happened to dedicated servers? :slight_smile:

You can with private matches (if your friends also paid for the game). Invite all your friends, start a private match and then let half of them switch to team 2.

You won’t get challenge progress though. :frowning:

Edit: Btw. you don’t even need a full team for private games. I’ve also played quite a few 1v1s or 2v2s or 3v5s in there. In the classic modes, the teams can also be filled with Bots if you like.


Dedicated servers cost money.

Perfect answer. Many thanks. I may play a bit of PvP yet :smiley:


True but it can be worth it :slight_smile:

We are still talking about Battleborn right?

Are bots available in Private Supercharge?

Unfortunately no. The bots don’t know how to supercharge yet. Now that I think about it some of the bots forgot how to play altogether. Boldur bot has been a sad joke lately, but I digress. No you cannot play supercharge against bots.

Have fun. Battleborn’s PvP is great fun if you play with and against people you’re friends with. :slight_smile:

Dedicated servers would be nice for LAN parties, etc.
I’m living in the middle of nowhere, where every room that’s big enough to hold 10-15 people with PCs in it doesn’t have any connection to the internet. Common method for us was to put a small Linux box in that room and run a few dedicated servers on it where the others could connect to (e.g., Enemy Territory).