A QoL change I'd like to see

It would be nice to just hold trigger to fire instead of hitting it every burst. 30 straight min of tapping trigger over and over really does a number on my wrist and hand. Other slower paced games semi auto is fine because of breaks in the action but BB can be balls out for a whole match and when I have one of those matches with WF I have to switch characters. It seems a bit of a departure from the other characters anyway. Outside of marquis and charge attacks, thorn and Toby for ex., every other character is hold to attack. Would be a bit silly if you had to click every time you swung raths sword. Just a thought

This I can get behind. Maybe as an optional thing.

Personally I dont mind having to click R2 everytime for a new burst, but from a medical perspective I can see why some will not be able to.

They have already said they are looking at this, there are a bunch of threads on it