A Query About Stability Accessories

So this is something that has been bugging me for a while, but I’ve noticed nobody actually recommends any of the prefixes that carry stabilizing accessories on weapons.

Say for the sake of argument that I have a full set of Vladof weapons (a Spinigun, an Anarchist, a Droog, and a Vanquisher), and a Bandit SMG and they all have these prefixes:

The Assault Rifle has Resolute
The Pistol has Resolute
The Sniper Rifle has Dobby
The Bandit SMG has its stability-increasing prefix, Ballanced

“How effective are these supposedly stabilizing accessories?” is the question I suppose I’m asking because, as I’m playing Salvador, I want to not have to rely on Steady As She Goes – as that would allow me to make use of Hyperion’s reverse-recoil gimmick. As it stands, having SaSG would make the Vladof weapons easier to use, but it makes Hyperion shotguns a real pain.


Quite - to answer your question.

Obviously shotguns and RLs don’t have the stability/recoil accessory, which is a shame.

Jakobs benefit quite a bit - Horse ARs for example.
Regarding SASG, you may already know that I found that accessory made a Lady Fist actually usable. Otherwise the reticle would bloom insanely and I could get decent crits.

I wouldn’t necessarily say the accessory is as effective as SASG, but pretty darn near.


Depends on what sources you look at- parts and the weapon itself seems to play a part in how useful they might be. I like the stability prefix for pistols myself as they are my main weapons but as for shotguns (my second favorite weapons) I tend to go for the damage prefix…


Stability isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but weapons can only have a single accessory, so most people want the ones that increase damage. It’s not a problem with the Stability accessories themselves as much as it is the opportunity cost of having increased Stability instead of something better.


Generally, I have found that having a Dahl stock on snipers, assault rifles and smg’s is way better than having the stability accessory