A Quest for The Rough Rider | Jakobs Absolute Allegiance | Normal mode playthrough w/ Assassin [All EPs are up]

This is a companion thread to my Guide to BL2 Allegiance thread where I will attempt to beat the game on normal mode without using any shield until I get the chance to grab The Rough Rider from LV30 and up. Come join me on my Quest and I hope that you will like it :smile: ,

EP1: Boom and Bewm

The very beginning of Jakobs assassin journey. Melee kill on Knuckledragger, he even dropped me a no level requirement Hornet, which I can’t use :sweat_smile:. Some short questing included for XP, as well as early on Jakobs sniper grab. From there should be easy enough :). Beware B&B!

EP2: Captain Flynt

In this episode I will go after Captain Flynt. I know that platform kill is a bit cheap, but hey… I have no shield, you need to forgive me for this one :stuck_out_tongue: . If you catch on fire you die in seconds, then you figure out how actually important shield can be. Also I hate his hectic unpredictable movement, hard to crit him and even his crit spot feels kind of wonky, looks like its his neck, right under his helm.

EP3: Road to Sanctuary

Not a whole lot in this episode, blowing heads off of bandits and bullymongs on my way to Sanctuary. From this episode on should be a lot more interesting :smile:.

EP4: The Firehawk

Like I’ve said from this mission and on the things will start to cook up. Frostburn Canyon is a place with lot of burning stuff and me having no shield can die in seconds if i get caught in fire. I think I’ve died twice in this one. Also that Badass Psycho at around 13:34, what was that sorcery? His Kung Fu too stronk?

EP5: The Assassins

This is the first quest I’ve done for xp. Done a really short farm for a Sniper COM. I am still using the same LV5 sniper rifle I’ve got from Hammerlock. Teabagged Badass Psycho after getting SW off of him :sunglasses:. I could use The Judge, but Oney didnt dropped one… Also Rouf, I hate that guy and his moves…

EP6: A Dam Fine Rescue Pt.1

First part of Roland rescue mission. Grabbed white sniper with hyperion scope, because range :). The vehicle part was easy as always, but the Bad Maw you could call a bit of a challenge. Have released the midgets, Bad Maw one shot them :confused:.

EP7: A Dam Fine Rescue Pt.2

Second part of the Roland rescue mission. Blowing heads off of bandits. I’ve killed myself once with my own grenade, my bad :smile: . Check out that beauty I’ve got from Dahl chest in cell 04 just before Rolands cell. W4R-D3N… I’m coming for you.

EP8: A Dam Fine Rescue Pt.3

Last part of Roland rescue mission. That blue sniper absolutely destroys loaders and everything else. Look out: Badass Loader, he said… He didn’t last long :). You can tell the same for W4R-D3N as well :wink:.

EP9: Wilhelm

Sometimes I really hate fire. I dont even know how I’ve died in Tundra from those flamethrowers, no health gate, insta death oO. Anyway, the fight with Wilhelm went surprisingly good.

EP10: Back to Sanctuary Pt.1

Chasing Sanctuary in this episode. Not a whole lot in this first part. Sniping tiny rat heads is sometimes not as easy. The next episode I expect to be tough as nails…

EP11: Back to Sanctuary Pt.2

Holy… I didn’t realized how underleveled I am at this point. Some mobs were like 3 levels above me. But, Jakobs sheer power handles them quite well. Kite them needles like a boss :sunglasses:. Stupid death vs Constructor, I’ve thought his missiles flies a bit higher than that -_-. Interesting fight with Gluttonous Thresher though…

EP12: Back to Sanctuary Pt.3

Last stand in Overlook. Overleveled Loaders are no match for sheer Jakobs power :slightly_smiling:. Also have done some short questing for XP.

EP13: Clan War

In this episode I will be doing Clan War side quests. Need some XP, but mainly I am doing it for Triquetra shotgun. It is a solid shotgun and I’ll get the chance to grab Maggie from Mick. I don’t intend to farm for it, but maybe I’ll get lucky…

EP14: Bloodwing

Have had some upload problems, so sorry for this one taking some time.
I’m on my way to WEP here. Lots of different enemies which Jakobs handles very good as always :). Have died a couple of times, once from Loader shooting me through the wall and then running out of my sight so I can’t grab SW just like that -_-. Also, I’ve thought that Blood will give me much more trouble…

EP15: The Slab King

Using Goliaths as your allies is always lots of fun. Quite useful in a playthrough like this one. Even spawned a GOD-liath while doing the initiations. Got some nice goodies from him too :).

EP16: Animal Rights

Another run through WEP. This time doing Animal Rights quest for Trespasser sniper rifle. Really stupid death vs Mothrakk :unamused:, but nailed that sob on next try. Was hoping for Skullmasher, got none though.

EP17: Opportunity

I’ve never ended Jack’s double faster and more efficient than this time. He didn’t even knew what is going on and he was dead already :). Next stop: BNK-3R.

EP18: BNK-3R

Again underleveled at this point. Still doing good. Have died a few times. BNK-3R was not tough… much… because B0re :). He even dropped me a little something…

EP19: Control Core Angel

After the first death versus loaders, I’ve thought OMG im so dead. No cover at all, shield loaders making it that harder. I’ve had to develop some new tactics to get through this one. Used the dome as a cover and generators for quick SW if really needed. Still was a bit tough to beat.

EP20: Demon Hunter

This time I am doing Dukino’s set of quests for Buffalo sniper rifle. I’ve done some Lynchwood quests as well for some xp. Dukino’s Mom was tough, but not too much…

EP21: Toil and Trouble

Doing Toil and Trouble main quest in this one. Have put The Buffalo to very good use. You need some time to get used to iron sights, but once you do you will wreck faces. Like before, have had some stupid deaths as well. That’s why I could never play one life challenge :unamused:.

EP22: Data Mining

Heavily underleveled at this point. As this is a fairly open map, I’ve used the vehicle a lot. Map is packed with SGT Loaders, which makes scoring crits and killing them loaders fast much harder… Next stop: Saturn.

EP23: Saturn

Here we are in the Fyrestone killing Skags and Loaders left and right. You can even do two quests here for Jakobs weaponry. One for Stomper and another for Tidal Wave. A fine hyperion armament, Hyperion lady said. I’ve forgot that this mission is glitched, so I ended up with the Lady Fist :neutral_face:. Had to rage on Saturn because of it…

EP24: The Talon of God

On my way to Warrior. Buffalo makes short work of everything. Again I’ve died two or three times, but I am almost there… :slight_smile:

EP25: The Warrior

The Jack part wasn’t all that hard. Warrior part however was a bit harder. Had to stick to the back out of his sight, but still crystalisks were giving me a lot of trouble. However, that facefull of shotgun at the end was priceless…

EP26: Savage Lands

Even though I’ve beat the game without shield and killed the Warrior and Jack, I still need to grab The Rough Rider. This must be the most annoying part of the whole playthrough. Savages with shields, glitching witch doctors with shitload of health, you name it… Got Lyuda as world drop from one of the savages…

EP27: Nakayama, I Presume?

Continuing my quest to grab the Rough Rider. So close now. After this mission I should be able to grab it finally. Still have to fight nasty savages. Don’t forget the Scaylions, just look at that tiny crit spot :unamused:. Anyway, I’ve managed to finish this one as well. Stay tuned for final episode soon…

EP28: Finale

Last episode guys! Doing “Palling Around” quest for RR. Had to kill Bulwark a couple of times (6 i think?) before he dropped me The Rough Rider. Anyway, I hope that this little journey was fun and interesting for you as it was for me :). Thnx for watching!


Mhm. This sounds interesting. I’ll make sure to follow this series.

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I agree, seems like quite the challenge. I wish u best of luck

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Thnx :wink:

i’ll keep an eye on this exo, definitely

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Did you melee that ice ball that Knuckledragger threw at you out of the air right before you finished him and leveled up? Damn son.

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Yeah I did :P, but i think ive got lvld up for killing him.

When you think the next episode is gonna be out?

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Ill try to release them daily, thnx for watching btw ;P. I have the video done, need to upload it.
It is a kinda cheap kill on flynt, but that guy is really hard to deal with without shield.

Me subscribing to you wasn’t in vein then ;p

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Thnx :wink:

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This is great. Right up my alley and very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and I’ll keep watching for sure. I noticed that you used grenades at a certain point there, though. Was that just a honest mistake or are you planning on using them sporadically?

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Hey man, glad you like it :). I dont consider stock grenades as a part of any brand, and to be honest they kind of fit the Jakobs style. Single explosion with a knockback, so yeah I will use them. Also it is a great thing to have against enemies with mechanic shields like Nomads and shield loaders. You knock them back leaving them open for attack.

Yeah, that actually makes sense. I need to get back to my Zer0. As a huge Jakobs lover, this is very inspiring and even educational. Can’t wait to see how it goes from here.

Dude this is brilliant

Are u able to buy Jakobs out of Gun Shops and the slots or are u strictly looting?

Wherever I find Jakobs gear that I could use. If i find something in gun vendor i could use or something that could be useful at that moment ill get it. Slots are too RNG, it is better to save money in case of dying a lot at some point :).

I have a question, Exo.
Will you be taking this build to True and Ultimate aswell or stick to normal due to this purist run?

I will post a Jakobs sniper build im using in my allegiance thread, but I dont think ill be doing this again on TVHM / UVHM. The sole purpose of this series is to beat the game without shield and to grab RR from LV30+, because Jakobs :).

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I like it.