A question about downloadable content

Just started THC yesterday after downloading a game save from the 360- OP8 Axton in Sanctuary with the Man Who Would Be Jack mission open (doing an all OP8 play thru). When I go to the Downloadable Content section it always says that it can’t enumerate any downloadable content at the moment and to try again later. I started a new Sal and Zero just to check and I got the same message for them. I didn’t want to try any of the dlc/HH locations on Axton (it’s just a thing for me- no dlc on any OP8 run until the main story is over) but all the other characters on the 360 have finished the main story. If I upload them and then download their saves to THC, will there be any issues or is this just something to not worry about? .

Edit: I was able to upload the rest of my OP8 characters to THC- neither Gaige nor Krieg got their special edition Heads and Skins but they both got the Contraband Grenade mod. The message in full says this: “This level 72 character requires downloadable content that is not accessible at this time. You will not be able to earn experience beyond level 72 until additional downloadable content that raises the level cap is installed”. I’ve checked on the 360 and both level caps (along with the season pass) show up as ‘purchased’ so I’m not sure if this is a problem with the information not being accessible from the game disc or something else…

I’ve moved your thread to the XBox1 tech support section.