A question about inventory space

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I saw a person in the item finds thread that said they were farming backpack sdus and that you are more likely to get them when your inventory is full. How does one go about this? I plan to do extensive hoarding when I hit the level cap and I want to make sure I have room for all the sweet loot.

Small side question that doesn’t warrant it’s own post: Do Pearl’s only spawn up to level 68? The wiki says that it’s the case and I can’t find any pearl in hundreds of posts in the item finds of the day that disproves this. If it is true, anyone know why they can’t spawn level 69?

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Each Claptrap rescue mission in the main game apparently has a chance to drop an SDU in Pt.2/2.5, although another item is more likely. Basically you’d go through the map in Pt.2 or 2.5, pick up the rescue mission, find the repair kit, and them make sure you trigger a save just before returning to the Claptrap unit. Now you can hand in the quest and, if you don’t get an SDU, immediately force-quit the game and reload. You’ll have to run back to the Claptrap from the map’s initial spawn point (which can be really frustrating on some maps), but you’ll still be able to turn in the mission and try again.

No idea, but I’m looking forward to finding out - I’m sure one of the BL1 regulars will know that.


Yes, pearlescent gear can’t spawn higher than level 68. There are only a few sources of level 69 gear in the game and none of them are capable of dropping pearlescents.

To add to this, only the first 5 claptrap rescue missions (after the first one in Fyrestone) have a chance to give a backpack SDU in playthrough 2. If you want to get all 72 slots of inventory space, make sure to get them before reaching Steele at the vault in playthrough 2. My understanding is that you cannot get backpack SDUs as mission rewards after completing playthrough 2.

This page on the wiki gives all the information you should need. http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Storage_Deck_Upgrade

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I have always hoped that Crimson Shorty could drop a pearlescent as He is the only level 69 source besides the vending machines that can drop/provide a level 69 items in the Knox DLC, iirc). You’re in the right DLC and even Badasses drop pearls(however they are restricted to no higher than level 68) in the Knoxx DLC. I can’t provide confirmation, but its one of those scenarios that I think its possible, but so rare that you may never see it drop. Only Crimson Badasses can drop Pearls so is it a stretch to think Crimson Shorty can drop a 69 iron clad, for example?

I just hit up the Wiki, and I normally don’t cause I feel it’s not accurate 100% of the time. but here is what the wiki had to say and I’m of this impression:

Killing a loot midget causes the character who scored the kill to use a quote for killing a Badass enemy.

If the game sees the loot midgets as Badasses, why wouldn’t/couldn’t Crimson Shorty drop a level 69 Pearl?

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Are those basically the ones you have to go past as you do the main story?

Also, so I guess ignore the Pt2.5 option, since that means hunting down Steele.

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Well, there’s also the other Loot Midgets, like the Truxican, Mini Steve, or Dumpster Diver. That said, pearls simply aren’t in their loot pools. I get this from the wikia, and sure there is incorrect or misleading information there, but 99 times out of 100 they have the right data.

When it comes to the chance that the Midgets could drop pearls, I think it would’ve happened by now if it could’ve.

Well, there are a few others.

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The 5 Claptraps that potentially award an SDU in PT2 are the ones in Sledge’s Safehouse, The Lost Cave, New Haven, Tetanus Warrens, and Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard. Having an overstuffed backpack does seem to help the odds of receiving an SDU, although it certainly doesn’t guarantee them. The easiest way to overstuff your backpack is to get the maximum number of items you can carry, and then complete an easy side mission that gives you some type of gear as a reward. Bam, overstuffed backpack. My routine for hitting 72 backpack slots is usually as follows:

  1. Recover all 10 vanilla SDUs in PT1 (42 slots)
  2. Recover the SDUs on Zombie Island and in the Robolution (48 slots)
  3. Find the Claptrap in Lockdown Palace, recover his repair kit, complete the mission to rescue Athena, scavenge enough gear to fill my backpack
  4. Save/quit back to T-Bone Junction with a full backpack, turn in the mission to Athena, and use the mission reward to overstuff my backpack
  5. Farm the Lockdown Palace Claptrap until I get his SDU (51 slots)
  6. Play PT2 normally (usually just story missions), accepting each Claptrap Repair mission and getting the repair kit (but not turning it in)
  7. Once I have all 5 repair kits, head out and recover the PT2 SDUs on Zombie Island and in the Robolution, using these SDUs to overstuff my backpack
  8. With an overstuffed backpack, run through and farm each of the vanilla PT2 Claptraps until they give up their goods
  9. Once all 5 vanilla SDUs have been recovered, use them all to jump from 51 slots to 72

As @VaultHunter101 said, once you accept the mission “Find Steele”, you can no longer get the PT2 SDUs. So definitely make sure you get 'em before heading to the end of the game.

As far as the pearls question, it has to do with the fact that level 69 gear only shows up in vendors (which can’t house pearlescent gear) and from loot midgets (who don’t have pearls as a part of their loot pool).

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Its hard for me to remember it all, but yes. I have received a jackel from a drifter. :wink:
Pretty sure drifters/skyscraper are the only exception.

As far as the other loot midgets in this dlc, they aren’t ‘crimson soldiers’ which is why i hoped crimson shorty being the only midget out of the bunch thats of ‘crimson soldier’ status, having the ability to drop pearls. Pipe dream apparently. :sweat_smile: