A question about Salvador's Bear Naked skin from Dragon Keep DLC

Can anyone please explain to me what is up with the 2 different versions of this skin that I’m finding images of online?

So I’m on Xbox, playing the Handsome Collection. I’ve used the shift codes for these Dragon Keep skins and heads and the version given to me by the code is this grey one: https://images.app.goo.gl/JceTythJ3jUEBwxe6

However, I also find images of this (much cooler) version with a zipper up the front in some places: https://images.app.goo.gl/R4E6NxocBpdMpTwz8

When I redeemed the SHIFT code and it gave me the plain, grey version instead of the zipper version I quit the game without saving just in case this is a glitch or something. I then farmed dice chests in the DLC until I found the Bear Naked skin, thinking maybe it’s just the SHIFT code that gives the grey version and that farming in-game would give the zipper version, but nope. The farmed skin is the grey version too.

What is going on here? Is the zipper version unofficial, like a mod or something? Is the grey version a bug or the actual, official skin?

Please help me out with what’s going on here. I have looked around online for an answer but haven’t been able to find anything definite and even the smallest mention of the skin is from like 6 years ago with no explanation of the differing versions. Thanks in advance

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I think the zipper version must be a mod - I have never seen that before. The grey one is the correct skin from the game.

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Interesting. You’re a console player, or pc? I think I might just be a bit thrown by seeing the zipper version shown on the Borderlands wiki as the only version of Bear Naked, with no mention of it being a mod or an alternate to the grey version. Plus just really surprised the explanation seems nowhere to be found


It wouldn’t be the first time modded gear has shown up there. It’s basically the wild west of wikis, so always take anything there with a healthy dose of salt.

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Thanks for the replies. Ultimately I guess I was just looking for confirmation that there is no other skin than the grey one on consoles.

Just the grey one for “Bear Naked”, yes. It would be weird for there to be two skins with the same name - would probably break something. There are some really nice skins though! My favourite is probably ‘The Dwarf With No Name’

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Oh for sure, the community day skins are all pretty great. I use them as default now. But that’s kind of why I’m kinda bummed about the Bear Naked skin… I like putting on the heads and skins while playing the DLCs they come from, and Sal’s Dragon Keep skin I guess is just kind of bland. It’s just a grey color for his default t-shirt, while Zer0 gets some awesome chainmail, Maya gets cool elven designs, Axton has striped knight armor. On that note, Krieg’s and Gaige’s are not great either… but I was really looking forward to that zipper skin for Sal. Oh well…