A question about the progress made so far

When it launches at Steam, we’ll have any way to transfer our progress from Epic Games? Maybe some cross platform (ok, this will not happen) or even a cloud service from Gearbox itself to connect the saved progress across all platforms?

I was playing now and then realized that I could lost all the time and efforts that I throw in, if I decide to migrate from EG to Steam (wich will certanly happen if the playerbase became bigger than what we have now).

In time, sorry for being a suc*er trying to express myself in english

IDK byt why? I guess you’ll need to buy the game second time, and iirc there will be no problem to play with someone on Steam if you own the game on Epic.

I don’t see a cloud for cross platform data transfers coming from gearbox anytime soon, but creating a way to switch your progress over to steam seems like a courtesy they owe the PC community.
All exploits that this could open up aside if they don’t do it they’ll piss off alot of the PC community and discourage alot if their potential customer base.

I suspect steam will be a plug and play experience. All Borderlands 3 profile and save data is stored under the same ‘my games’ directory that steam uses. The encryption on the files is something Borderlands 3 and not epic handles, so actually reading the file should be no problem.

So, and what about the steam release? Any chance for us to get some discount or copy?

That’s probably 2K’s decision, I wouldn’t hold my breath on any favourable treatment.