A question about the skin called flower power

(mod_t) #1

It seems to be dropped from a little boss called Sponx in Subconscious but I cried many many times it always dropped a purple fragtrap skin, not other characters’ at all. Any body knows how can I get it? Any one has the same experienceas as mine? I’m playing on ps4, the handsome collection.

(Gtripx) #2

It is bugged. Sphinx will only drop claptrap skin. I doubt gearbox will ever fix it so I would just count it as a unobtainable.

(Rush86) #3

Contact support and let them know about this. They are very good at getting things fixed. But they wont fix it if they dont know.

(mod_t) #4

Ok, thank you. but how can I contact gearbox? I’m first time here and my English is not good. I don’t know whether my topic is suitable here. Where should I write my topic?

(mod_t) #5

Ok , so it seems other people have the same problem right? I will not waste time on it .

(Rush86) #6


Click on create support ticket and tell them everything you can.

(matthewgarmsiri) #7

It randomly appeared in my list of skins when I went to change how my Athena looked, I don’t like how it looks very much but I also know for a fact I never picked it up

(Lompoc Carl) #8

Maybe the glitch is that, even though it always shows a fragtrap skin, the game sees the different skins, Like, they put in a placeholder graphic of the fragtrap, and never swapped it out for the correct ones. So, even though you pick up what looks like the same skin twice, the game thinks they are different. That’s why you have it in your list, but didn’t pick it up. The game SHOWED you 2 fragtrap skins, but you actually got 2 diff ones. Haven’t played the DLC yet, so can’t experiment. Only way to know is to pick one up, apply it, then farm him again and see if they all show already picked up. If you get one, then a second that DOESN’T say you have it, there you go.