A question about Zane's skills

I was just wondering if all skills across the three trees are active even though we can only choose to activate a max of two trees. I was hoping that the skill trees worked just as they do in BL2.

If you mean after spending points in any of the trees, then yes, absolutely they are active.

You choose two action skills, that are activated manually while playing, but any skills with points added work the same as in BL2.

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All three trees are active.
If you were to use the Barrier and drone, skills in the Digi-clone tree will still work as long as the skill isn’t dependent on having the clone out.

I’ll list all skills that require a specific action skill.

Double Agent tree (Digi-Clone):
-Boom enhance
-Fractal Frags
-Quick Breather
-Double Barrel

Hitman tree (SNTNL):
-Drone Delivery

Under Cover tree (Barrier):
-Distributed Denial


Anything you spent a skill point on is active at any time (obviously, a skill that boosts a specific action skill will not be active it you haven’t got that action skill equipped though, I mean, how would it?). Anything boosted by a Class Mod is active at any time (unlike in Borderlands 2 where you had to have invested at least a single skill point into a skill to allow class mods to boost it).
You don’t pick your trees with Zane (or any of the other characters), just your action skills.


Thanks for the replies. I was also wondering about that skill I had that I had in my class mod, Playing Dirty, but hadn’t spent a point on. I got lucky at lvl 12 with a purple class mod that fit my style.

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If you spend enough skill points to reach the same tier of the same tree, and unlike BL2, you don’t need to put points into the skill itself to receive the class mod benefit.