A Question before I start the game

Having spent 1000’s of hours playing BL2 of which around 98% would be solo. In BL2 when armed with some of the “special” weapons eg DPUH, Sandhawk, Pimpernell and Antagonist the odds moved slightly in my favour. In the next week or so I will probably start BL3 and was curious as to whether similar “special” weapons are available? In addition is it possible to get past the initial levels in BL3 playing solo, bearing in mind I am only an average player?

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It is definitely possible for an average player to get through the intial levels solo. I have done it with Amara, Moze, and Fl4k. And there are some “special” guns that make things feel easier when you get them. Lob, Brainstomer, cutsman, Maggie are some examples. This game has added anointments to things, they can be game changers all on their own.

Overall, I have found the scaling for first play-through in BL3 comparable to TPS, so easier than BL2. There are - just like TPS - one or two points in the story where a boss can be a pain if you aren’t paying attention (especially first time.). But, I’ve solo’d the lot of them successfully and I’m pretty average as a player myself.


I’ve done all in the game solo, no problems at all also in mahyem 2 difficulty.
But in the standard difficulty level, there’s no problems to go solo.

By special you mean guns that will carry you for a good while when you pick them up? In that case, yeah, there are a few. Early on you’ll want to try for a Night Hawking SMG from the Demoskaggons in the Droughts (which is the first proper map, aside from a short tutorial), specifically one with a burst fire option (one of the special things about the Night Hawking, aside from its ability to change elements depending on the time of day is the fact that there’s almost no delay between bursts, putting it as one of the fastest shooting guns in the game in burst mode).
Conveniently, special enemies and bosses do actually scale with your level in Borderlands 3 so you will be able to go back and farm a new one, later on.
Later on there’s a number of really good guns that you should keep an eye out for, including but not limited to the Hellshock pistol, the Kratakoa sniper, the Lob shotgun and the Maggie Revolver.
I wanna say rightaway that Borderlands 3 is easier than Borderlands 2, particularily the early game (Capt. Flynt is still one of the harder story bosses in Borderlands history and I’ve always found the decision to put him so early to be somewhat odd).
You really don’t need to worry about it that much, in my experience the difficulty doesn’t really start to pick up until quite some time into the story.

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Yes but it’s not the same. The devs are more about keeping things down to a “lower level” than they were in previous titles. They even released a rocket launcher mocking the complains that “everything gets nerfed” just to nerf it later on. I have no doubt that weapons like the Norfleet would have been nerfed into the ground by now especially since the previously mentioned rocket launcher wasn’t even nearly as strong.

solo player here :slight_smile:

never played with an other person in this game (solo’d BL2 also and played with 1 friend)

now i’m blazing through TVHM M4 rocking pretty much the best gear i can find for amara and zane :wink:

i’m far from a great player (casual) and i don’t realy find the game that hard :wink: (true takedown is the only thing i can’t finish solo i think -> haven’t tried it yet actualy haha)

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Are you on PC? If so, add me as a friend if you’re down (Steam/SHiFT/Epic - all Adabiviak). There’s a bounty board in Sanctuary that appears to repopulate as friends complete the bounties (and I hit them all the time). I’m also largely a solo player, so I won’t solicit co op requests from you.

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I’m also solo-only and also find BL3 slightly “easier” than BL3 in Story mode.
Though I will say that BL3’s addition of long-range enemies, like the Snipers that got added to BL2 in the Lilith DLC, can give you that What in the HECK just killed me??? feeling in your first play through. Expect huge damage out of nowhere until you get used to looking for those nasty enemies.

And yes, you will find the Good Guns that suit your style, just like in BL2. They will be different, however.
In my 8,000+ hours in BL2 I settled on Lyudas, Hellfires, DPUHs, and (for the Peak) Hornets to carry me through and rarely use anything else.
Noen of those guns work as well (for me) in BL3, so I had to find replacements.
And mine are (similar to some other posts);

  • Atlas Q-System. Replaces Lyudas for long-range shooting, and also a good close-in weapon. No specific source for these, but they drop reasonably often.
  • Night Hawkins. Always in my load. Besides the base damage, the cryo/freeze effect is great. Farmable from the Demonskagguns as mentioned above.
  • Linage. A somewhat unique, flood the screen with bullets, pistol that I often use for larger enemies and bosses to put a lot of damage in fast. Ammo hog and overheats (you’ll see this when you play) often, but good. Acquired from the Crawly varkid special enemies, again in the first map you come to.

And the other one that I have become addicted to is from the 2nd DLC, if you have access to that, that’s the…

  • Anarchy Shotgun. Think of the Anarchy skill that Gaige has, package it in a shotgun, and make gaining stacks much much faster and you have this gun. End-game, it will one-shot nearly everything, it’s a bit absurd and I expect a nerf sometime. No farm, but world-drops often.

But also there are a ton more legendaries/special weapons in BL3, and they drop a lot, so you may find one of those suits you very well also.

Bottom line: For a BL2 player its a little easier, more weapons to pick from. But you will say farewell to some of your BL2 favorites.


Get yourself a nice Anarchy or two (radiation or corrosive would be good) and go to the Takedown with those, and I think you’ll be surprised at how effective they are at killing everything that moves and destroying Wotan at the end.

Yes, BL3 is easier than BL2. Notably, it doesn’t do BS like Dukino’s Mom or Saturn or Wormhole Threshers or Super Badass Pyre Threshers. That’s not to say there aren’t some difficulty spikes, but it’s more balanced than BL2.

As for strong gear, don’t worry, there’s some pretty overpowered stuff to find. I mean, you could e.g. farm Gigamind (at about lvl 10-12) for a Hellshock pistol if you want, on a recent re-play I was still using a lvl 12 Hellshock at level 25 and it was still stronger than most level 25 stuff. Actually I didn’t use it until level 20 because it felt like cheat mode. To be honest I wouldn’t bother with farming in your first playthrough, just use what the game gives you – again, it doesn’t get stupidly unfair like BL2 sometimes gets.

And especially in the 2nd DLC you’ll get stuff that’s downright broken, that makes even the hardest challenge in the game (True Takedown) a joke.

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EDIT: oops, misread that, sorry. Hightower drops Carrier, not Q-System.

Original post:

There is, Judge Hightower in Lectra City.

killing shouldn’t be a problem :wink: it’s staying on my feet hahaha

this game has so much visual clutter it makes me nauseous :frowning: the harder the difficulty the more rocketspam BS there is (and the more you feel like your screen is shaking out the door)

playing SP wotan allready has my screen shaking like a level 10 earthquake :nauseated_face:

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:joy: a level 28 Krakatoa was still kicking enough ass at level 39! :joy:

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Oh yes. My last Takedown run, for example, I had my Drone & Clone dropping Storm Fronts, the Anarchy proc’ing radiation, and all the enemies spewing elemental damage. Couldn’t see poop, was just firing blind into the overloaded, basically blank, screen.

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I normally don’t reply. I am 70 years old ,have carpel tunnel in my mouse hand and I am at level 57 and have beaten every boss and level on my own with Moze except Wotan. I dont play co op with anybody because my reflexes are not sharp and hand shakes. Did get lot of help reading these sites and YouTube videos for clues and insights.


sounds like a nightmare :grimacing:

and yes, those elemental bulletlines also clutter up the damn thing… visualy this game is realy a piece of sh***

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I’ll be 62 at the end of the month, and can relate! One of the reasons I avoid co-op is to avoid the 18 year-old players with super-twitchy reflexes would probably wouldn’t leave me any kills :slight_smile:

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I thought he’s the go-to source for Carrier and not Q-system?


Oops you’re right. Misread that. Again I confuse these two. It’s kinda like the Carrier is the only Atlas weapon that exists in my mind.

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