A Question before I start the game

that’s because atlas doesn’t have that many (good) weapons

and i think there’s many people like me who just don’t like the mechanic on atlas weapons (not saying they should change it though haha that’s part of the charm in BL3 every manufacturer is unique)

I would say anything orange in the first 12 levels.
I was lucky to get my first legendary killing Lavender Crawly at level 9. A cash infused Bitch. I was so excited to see it at such a low level. It lasted well into level 15 for me.

As for an Anarchy, you have to get to DLC2 GLT for that one, and while it might have been nice for it to be a world drop in the regular game areas, Gearbox was wise to make you buy the DLC for access. Once stacked, it is one of the best shotguns in BL3, just watch out for back splash!

Have fun and good killing!

Right now starting out a new character and playing solo in this game is stupid-easy.

There’s a loot event going on which is causing legendary weapons to drop like candy from a pinata. Normally you would get a few in a first time playthrough on Normal mode, but right now you can easily get one or more each level, so you’re basically always equipped with some of the best gear in the game while your enemies will be at their weakest. There’s no challenge at all.

It ended ~5 hours ago…

I was wondering what happened to all the Legendary drops :joy:

I miss them already :grin:

Still getting a goodly number in MH1 DLC2 for killing the Hunter of Hunters targets and associated mobs - I am not complaining!

this game is more of a live service game so nothing that op there are some good guns but a few get nerfed and others that suck get that op buff so it pays to keep your eyes on the forums for changes

They not only leave you but if you get any killed they will not be happy. I enjoy the game all by myself

Thanks. Like you I am over 70 and been gaming for ages. I actually started on an Atari 400 and still have that full system.


How far are you in the game

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Currently at Level 23 at Floodmoor Basin - Knotty Peak